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Histoy Final Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Histoy Final - Essay ExampleHe was known as one of the Fathers of the church his writings are the secondary foundation of the Christian faith. St. Augustine has been especially influential in molding precept in Christianity. His Confessions and The e City of God has been the most significant repositories of Christian teaching (134).The Treaty of battle of Verdun in 843 during the Holy Roman Empire is the treaty that established peace and is one of the most important treaties in world history because its general linguistic and cultural borders it established still exist nowadays (746).Charlemagne was the greatest of German kings and was also known as Charles the cracking (768800) and the first Holy Roman emperor moth (800814) of the empire. He was also the first German ruler to accept Roman Christianity. He was rewarded with the establishment of the largest dominion under one ruler since Roman times and by Pope Leo IIIs granting him the title of Emperor (138).The Crusades during the medieval era contributed to peace in Europe by allowing young nobles to consumption their warlike impulses in a church-approved arena. Starting with the First Crusade in 1096, thousands of aggressive sons of the nobility went to heaven or Eastern Europe to fight the nonbelievers thus recovering the long-lost Holy Land-Jerusalem (251).The Bourgeoisie during the Economic Revival-11th cytosine are people in the upper middle class doctors, lawyers, royal and clerical officeholders, and the merchants. They were educated, status-conscious people who lived at bottom the bourg which a walled settlement was meant to protect life and property.The One Hundred Years War dealt a dark blow to the French monarchy during the European Middle Ages, which was rescued from disintegration through Joan of Arc. The war also finish the domination of the field of battle by noble horsemen and started the coming of modern gunpowder warfare (252).The Great Schism during the European Middle Ages (1378 1417) marked

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Forensic Science in 21st Century Criminal Justice Paper Essay

Forensic Science in 21st Century Criminal Justice Paper - act Exampleng proliferation and improvement of modern forensics, law enforcement has been given an exact comprehension as a tool that can produce exact and positive results in the process of crime investigation.This paper allow for present a discussion of the importance of forensic science in the criminal justice dodge and how it plays a significant part in enforcing justice. The accuracy of the popular media representation of forensic science and its entice on the popular opinion on justice-related issues will also be tackled.In order to in full understand the importance of forensic science in the criminal justice system, it is best to first trammel what it is. Elizabeth Morgan (2007) defines forensics as a field of science dedicated to the methodical gathering and analysis of point to open facts that can be presented in a legal proceeding. Since forensic science is a marriage betwixt the scientific methods of data gathering and analysis and the legal system, there are numerous protocols that are involved, particularly the chain of command of handling evidence, which makes sure that the evidence is not tampered with at any point in the process of the investigation (Morgan, 2007 and Wolfe, 2001). These protocols serve to safeguard the whole process at its various levels and to ensure that the evidence, as well as the testimony of the forensic scientist, will solidly hold against the accused during the trial callable to its pristine and uncontaminated state (Wolfe, 2001). Where before, the police and the prosecution rely on the statement of witnesses and the available evidence that can be seen only by the naked eye, today, forensic scientists are able to completely audition a crime scene with the use of advanced technology and their own expertise.Because forensics plays a crucial affair in gathering evidencein that the tools, equipment, and methods for analysis are based on an exact science that is ruled by strict protocolsand the evidence is key to the whole process of

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America Prior to the Civil War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

America Prior to the Civil War - seek ExampleThe most important changes at the time of industrialization were the development of machines that replaced hand tools, the use of move and power that substituted for the use of muscles of man animals, and the viewion of mill system of rules. The Industrial transition started in Great Britain in the mid-18th century. America was behind because its population was more occupied in farming and trading. It was too slow to adopt machineries because, as a new nation, America had little capital for investment. Labor was scarce since men were force westward and were engaged in clearing forests, and establishing themselves on the land (Economic growth and early on industrial revolution). Industrialization in the coupled States started in 1790 and is credited to Samuel Slatter who copied the mill technology from the British model. Slatter came to the United States in 1789 and was hired to build a mill. English laws do not allow export of mac hineries or plans on making it. So Slatter designed the mill from his memory and built it in 1790. When British products became exhausting to obtain because of war, American investors thought of building more factories and machineries thus, historians aptly called these changes as the first industrial revolution (Economic growth and early industrial revolution). Soon enough, New England developed the important material industry. The inventions of the spinning and weaving machines operated on water made production more feasible. Other inventions were introduced. In Pennsylvania, smelting in stone furnaces produced iron for machines, tools, and guns. Charcoal was discovered in forested land. Steam driven spinning machines operated in New York by 1810. And by 1814, the first practical power loom was installed in Massachusetts. A factory system of production was also introduced in the shoe production in Massachusetts in the early 19th century (Economic growth and early industrial revo lution). The use of machines paved the counselling for an organizational strategy that implemented a factory system to increase productivity. The factory structure replaced the fruit prune system wherein small parts of a larger production process were carried out in individual homes. In the factory system, work was done in a centralized location. The new system promoted efficiency in production. All these developments caused New England to be the first area in the United States to be industrialized. Invention in like production altered the shape of agricultural production. Prior to industrialization, historians cited farmers playing the polar role in the economy. Up to 1850, farmers accounted for 85% of the population (Scott). Tobacco cultivation, once profitable, gave way to cotton production. cotton wool has diminished production of cattle, indigo and pine trees in the south. The price of labor increased because of the demand for slaves to work for cotton production. The cheap and easy way of cotton production made it easier for the masses to wear cotton dresses. Facts submitted by Dr. Carolle Scott (1997), a history professor, showed that British demand for cotton and the Midwestern settlement started the regional specialization and trade that now account for the economic term of comparative advantage. The development of machines is an era

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T-Moblie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

T-Moblie - try Examplepublic, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Poland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the Slovakia including the US Virgin Islands, US, and the Puerto Rico. On the global level, the International subsidiaries of T-Mobile possess wide-cut subscribers which argon roughly 150 million in number, which makes it the twelfth-largest service provider of mobile phone in the entire world in terms of subscribers. Besides this, T-Mobile bags the rank of the third-largest multinational and stand after Spains Telefnica and UKs Vodafone.T-Mobile, in the year 2010, became the segment of the agreement of joint venture with the UK mobile-network provider of France Telecom, Orange UK. These companies combined and formed the largest mobile-network streetwalker of UK and c anyed itself Everything Everywhere. However, even after forming the joint venture, the Orange brands and T-Mobile go on to co-exist in the markets of United Kingdom.T-Mobile complies with all th e laws which are applicable to the state and federal codes of laws and regulations. The management of the company does not indulge in any drill which violates the policies of the company such as non-retaliation, non-discriminatory and non-harassment policies. The unacceptable conduct in the company constitutes of violation of company laws and policies, remotion of the property of company without permission, willful or neglectful damage or defacing of the company property, dishonesty, fraud, improper register keeping and all the related activities. Any criminal conviction amongst the employees results in their termination from the company. Besides this, all the secret trade laws and other legal information are kept confidential from others except the implicated parties.The company makes the decisions in the business by giving proper consideration to the social, ethical and legal regulations. The T-Mobile makes returns to the partnership through the afterschool community outreach program. The company makes efforts to

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Proposals for any topic in banking managment Essay

Proposals for any topic in banking managment - Essay Example tout ensemble these gold are to be deployed in various avenues considering the risk and return factors. These avenues are, however, not alike in their returns. The assets, such as cash in hand, money at call and picayune notice, are held as per the liquidity requirements, and the return on these gold is almost zero, except money at call and short notice. Investments under Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) serve the purpose of liquidity as well as income. (Alberto and Lapuz, 2005, 7)The rate of return on such investments should be adequate enough to cover financial and operating(a) costs. Further, lending is a significant area of employment of funds in terms of size of funds involved as well as quantum of revenue generated. However, it carries a high degree of credit risk. In addition, banks also use a portion of their funds for creating their parentage infrastructure, which facilitates an enabling environment to conduct b usiness and generate income. Efficient management of funds essentially includes raising of funds and their use in the trend that generates revenues sufficient to meet the operational as well as financial costs and contributes a sensitive return on capital. Thus, the objective of earning profits shall be fulfilled by an appropriate design of funds management on sound commercial principles.

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The new york times, the best laws money can buy july 12, 2010 Essay

The new york times, the best laws money can buy july 12, 2010 - Essay ExampleLobbyists have been around for decades. There is really non frequently that the viridity people know about them, except that they lobby. But what does that really mean and why do they have to flock over in the halls of the very foundations of the nations sovereignty, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The most common question deduced is what do they actually do and how do they affect us. It seems at first glance that thither are really so little of what they do that directly affects the people or the government. They guise in the fact that their main job is to point out to legislators one or two small dilate in pending legislations for them to take a second look and reconsider the proposal. The congressman or senator accordingly acts as a mercenary for these interests. Now the succeeding question is what is so important with these minute dilate that people, groups or corporations have to hire lobbyists to do their bidding. A 1986 article written in Time magazine publisher appropriately titled Peddling Influence was an in-depth depiction of the growth of lobbying as a profession. From being a very reticent profession, as specifically pointed out even congressmen back then do not want to be seen talking with a lobbyist, it has blossomed into a very public and media frenzied occupation. As pointed out, one and only(a) mans loophole is an different mans socially useful allowance, and one mans lobbyist is an other mans righteous advocate. Nonetheless, the voices most likely to be heard are much the ones that can afford the best-connected access brokers (par. 4). Steven Brill has painted a clearer picture in how lobbying has affected our nation. As an explicit example he has cited Private Equity Council, a trade group that wants to augment taxes on carried interest. It keeps on its payroll Capitol Tax with a $30, 000 retainer each month ensuring the taxes on its members ar e unploughed low. This type of payment is not limited to only Capitol Tax as there are other firms they employ. It has been reported that they have spent $4.2 million from 2009. Keeping in mind that there are other groups lobbying for the same cause, all in all, according to Brill, this amounts to about $15 million. This already seems like a tidy sum of money but this is small change as it equates to an investment for about $100 billion in taxes in the next 10 years. This volition actually economize them around $10 billion in taxes. Furthermore, their lobbyists have afforded them the added bonus that it becomes effective this year instead of 2010. Saving them another $2 billion (Brill, par.4-5). In comparison, the $15 million does not sound that much. It is but a mere insignificant percentage compared to what they will be able to save. But what does this really mean to us because so what if they are able to save as much. It is uncomforting to think that this payoff is all the mo re remarkable when you realize that this tax break is outlet to some of the wealthiest Americans and that all the reformers wanted originally was for those folks to pay the same graduated income-tax rate that chemical formula wage earners do (Brill, par.6). It is but the virtue of equity that this tax policy should have been implemented. As the formula so aptly puts it, absolute power corrupts, absolutely. There seems to be no satiation to the hunger that what the replete wants is to be richer while others are

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Five Concert Journals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Five Concert Journals - Essay ExampleEach year, a lot of populate visit the Westminster Abbey seeking Gods blessings and healing. Many of them attend the sacrament of reconciliation and for anointing their sick. The ambience inside the Abbey was so peaceful and quiet and was conducive to prayer.Service began with the whole congregation joining in a hymn, as the priest took his place at the altar. I found that music played a major role in the activities of the Abbey and so did the Choral services rendered by the Choir of Westminster Abbey which is one of the beat out choirs that is renowned world wide. The choir comprised of twelve professional adults singers also called as Lay Vicars and 30 sanctified boys who belonged to the Residential Choir school.James ODonnell, the Organist and Master of the Choristers directed the choir very meticulously. The singing by the soloists and the choir was of a very high standard showing that a lot of hard score had been done to achieve it. The c hief instrument used was the organ. All the hymns were sung by the soloists and choir and alternated amid slow and medium paced rhythms. I really enjoyed attending the service at Westminster Abbey and was really impressed with the singing. 2. The mho journal is about my visit to the Royal Free Music Society on Saturday the 15th of October. I went for both the rehearsal and concert of Mozarts grass in C minor conducted by gum benzoin Wolf. The conductor Benjamin Wolf was welcomed as the main bluntists took the stage in front of the orchestra. The piece began with the Kyrie, mildly with the violins and then the choir joined in unison. The soprano was quite talented and used good vocal techniques. After the soprano had rendered her lines, the whole choir reciprocated, by joining flawlessly in unison. The singing by the soprano and the choir alternated with each other and was strongly backed by the orchestra. The tempo that was maintained passim was medium paced with good rhythm and ended in a soft chorus. The Gloria that was performed by the orchestra was filled with postcode and enthusiasm from the beginning to the end. The piece began with a loud chorus where everyone joined in. As the piece progressed it alternated between the sopranos and altos on one hand and the tenor and bass on the other. In between were spots of thinly sung music backed by soft playing of the orchestra. The instruments used to play Mozarts Mass in C Minor were violins, cellos, double bass, saxophones, drums, trumpet and the trombone. I liked Mozarts Mass in C Minor for its brilliance in construction as well as execution by the singers and the orchestra. I really enjoyed witnessing the rehearsal as well as the concert. 3. On Thursday the 27th of October at 1pm, I visited St. Johns Smiths Square to see Jonathan Vaughn playing on the organ. The lunchtime concert comprised of the J.S bachelor Prelude in Eb BWV522. collar Chorale Preludes on Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland Canonic Var iations on Von Himmel Hoch, da komm ich her BWV769 psychogenic fugue in Eb BWV522, Liszt Prelude and Fugue on B-A-C-H The J.S Bach Prelude in Eb BWV522 began brightly by Jonathan Vaughn with an minded(predicate) use of rubato alternated with slight tempo variances to make it more effective. It was a technically brilliant piece that necessary a lot of skill and effort to make it sound pleasing and the organist did an excellent job which proved his skill and ability at the organ as well as his mastery over the piece. Three Chorale Preludes on Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland by Bach Busoni was a soft organ recital that was so mellow and uplifting. The piece was very melodious and the rhythm alternated between slow and medium paced. Liszt Prelude and

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Team motivation Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Team motivation - Case Study ExampleFor any organisation to be productive, it needs to motivate its employees towards its goals so that it achieves its business objectives. Motivation for the employees can be internal or external. era external motivation is an incentive provided by another person, internal motivation is offered by the environment and exertion of the task.But just as the individuals are unique, motives are unique as well. They are individualistic, they evolve with the time and change and are hierarchical as well. What civilises for one person may not work for another person. Therefore finding the right motivating factor is a challenge by itself. It is a continuous process.The various theories have tried to analyse how exactly motivation works, and have added a stool of research and valuable knowledge that can applied to a current situation to arrive at a solution that best suits the current needs under the operational constraints. There is no general theory that can be applied to all the situations and offer a universal solution.Fredrick Herzberg tried to apprehend the factors associated with job satisfaction which motivated or demotivated people to perform a task. These factors, called Motivators, if present caused argumentation satisfaction. Motivators normally included nature of task, responsibility, promotion, recognition awards and a sense of achievement.The absence of these motivators signalled lack of satisfaction according to Herzberg. He also found that another set of factors, when absent, caused Job Dissatisfaction. However the presence of these factors did not cause Job Satisfaction. The presence of these factors called Hygiene Factors meant that the people were not dissatisfied, but neither were they satisfied. Hygiene factors included company policies, supervision, pitiable rewards, substandard working conditions and poor relationship in the workplace.Turning past de-motivators within your organization into early motivator s for employees and aligning them to the objectives of the company will ensure both succeed. (Source

Greatness of Los Angles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Greatness of Los Angles - Essay ExampleThe sun in LA is mostly blanketed by the fog. Sometimes, when the fair weather manages to make its way through the mist, the sand changes its color from grey to a pale shade of regal pink. Shadows begin to squeeze short. As soon as the humidity increases, the brightness increases more than necessary. The sunlight fall on particles between me and the distant mountains. Millions of tiny prisms of fog droplets perform a mirror like accomplishment and reflect and refract the sunlight in every direction. The mess of bounced beams of light crowds the atmosphere until the brightness gets so intense that it causes a blinding effect. Mountains merge into the background, until they become completely unidentifiable from other features of the scenery. Cinematographers spend millions of dollars to create an effect like that artificially. All of that money can be saved by barb in LA. In this way, LA not only enriches the movie with natural light effects , but also makes the shooting more profitable.

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Marketing Concepts of Nike Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 67

Marketing Concepts of Nike bon ton - Essay ExampleNike Company has been able to increase its market share substanti onlyy through product differentiation. It produces a wide a range of sports products and equipment ranging from running shoes, jerseys, shorts, shoes famously known as the Nike Air Max, etc used in a great variety of sporting activities. This includes baseball, tennis, track and field, ice hockey, basketball, soccer, and cricket.The company continuously strives to introduce new products to its shelves to be at a better competitive edge compared to its competitors. Latest additions to their product lines include specially intentional shoes for skateboarding, cricket, and basketball. They also design products putting environmental concerns in mind. This has made the company to be matchless of the environmentally friendly companys in the world.During the research on the Nike Company, I visited some of the major outlets such as the Niketown store, Nike factory store and the Nike running store to find out the various products offered. This was in the main because of the huge product lines found in the stores. Furthermore, they are the perceived Nike major outlets in the U.S.At the Niketown store, athletes from all the various sports apparel, accessories, footwear, and equipment that are inevitable for them to reach their full potential. The store has incorporated strong archival and multimedia displays of Nikes most memorable moments and great partnerships. The running and factory store enhances supports and celebrates the culture of running on and off the field. Here, aspiring athletes will definitely find support, footwear, equipment, and sportswear that are necessary for achieving their aspirations.

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Ethical Dilemma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Ethical Dilemma - Essay ExampleIt is indisputable that marihuana smoking has umteen ill effects not only to the smoker but also to the community surrounding a smoker. Consequently, while confronted with such a dilemma, there is the need to engage in ethical decision devising to wee-wee the choice that best fits a person. The theories of normative ethics are superior tools of decision do when an ethical dilemma arises. The theories of Utilitarianism and the deontological ethics keep up been highly regarded in the philosophy of decision making, especially when individuals research to choose between right and wrong actions in the society. While the Utilitarianism theories express that human beings will make a choice depending on the end effects, the deontological theory proposes that human beings have primary duties that they have to play in every decision that they make. The objective of this paper is to tinyly apply normative theories in lick the ethical dilemmas that come al ong with smoking marijuana. In this case, smoking marijuana is an ethical issue that is touch by both legal and chaste issues that can only be solved through critical decision making techniques. ... Currently, the dose has found application in treatment of cancer patients, as an anti-pain drug to reduce headaches, improving appetite among HIV patients and with treatment of the side effects of chemotherapy. However, in the field of treat this drug is administered in small portions as the medical experts recognize the effects that come along with the expenditure of the drug in large quantities (Jabelle, 2013). From this perspective, it is indisputable that this drug has many positive effects that are skilful to the human race. On the other hand, the physical exertion this drug in the social circles has generated a lot of ro substance abuse in its use and abuse in the social circles. The government in many states has waged war against marijuana use and laws have been enacted to prohibit its consumption in the society. While many states such as the unify States have opposed any move to legalize this substance, other nations such as Jamaica have legalized its use in the public (Jabelle, 2013). Of more concern is the use of this drug as a means to pack high in the entertainment circles in the society. The side effects of this drug in its excessive use are the risk of loss of short term memory and development of diseases of the nervous system (Souryal, 2010). Consequently, the proponents of its illegalization have proposed that this drug has long term consequences on the public and only regard its use under the prescription of a medical expert. Smoking marijuana as an ethical issue has both legal and moral consequences that come along with it. In the moral perspective, it is wrong since its abuse in the long term causes the user to suffer from diseases of the heart and the nervous system. In addition, the users of this drug are specific social groups that exist in this

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Fundamentals of Finance Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Fundamentals of Finance - Case Study Example10000000. As far as the termination taken by the Swindon Plc is taken in to consideration, it is applying MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery constitution) depreciation is taken in to fact. Four factors argon necessary to determine approach recovery deductions under the MACRS procedure. These are (1) class life, (2) depreciable nates after credit reduction, (3) acquisition year assumption, and (4) recovery method. (The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) - Basic Rules. 2001).It is necessary to taken in to consider that the property or asset class lives should be less than the actual life of the asset, so that the salvage value of such assets should be zero. Cost separatism and accelerated depreciation is essential for the effective implementation of investment decision. Like wise, it is necessary to increase the exchange flows of an organization. While calculating the MACRS depreciation, salvage value is not as much effective in both other system for depreciation. If a particular property is utilizing for a period of five years or more then the depreciation rate should be calculated in accordance with this manner- First year-20% indorsement year-32% Third year-19.20% Fourth and fifth year-11.52% Last year or sixth year- 5.76%. So, by using this method, during the brave or sixth year, the value of the specific asset so depreciated will be zero. (Salzmann 2007). In whatsoever organization, its structure is taking in to fact there is a finance department, which is playing a cock-a-hoop role, because finance is the life blood of any business activity. The basic and most fundamental financial activities are preparation of Balance sheet, Income statement, analysis of shareholders equity and cash flow, tools for profit analysis, preparation of capital and cash budget. gait of Depreciation of Swindon Plc under MACRS Method.YEARMACRS % Applicable120%232%319.20%411.52%511.52%6(Final Year)5.76%In t his particular case, the total purchase equipment casualty of Drill and platform is 10000000 and this platform put forward be sold for 3.5M. i.e. 3500000 within a period of five years. Then, thereafter, Swindon plc bought a new platform be 14M i.e. 14000000 with an addition of 1M i.e. 1000000 as installation charges. The latest platform should also have an estimated life of five years. notwithstanding Swindon decided to undertake the sales of the latest platform after five years, at a cost of 4M i.e. 4000000. The Overall Summary of Drill and Platform of Swindon Plc.ParticularsA) Cost of existing platform.Total selling price after 5years. sum total (in )100000003500000B) Cost of new drill and platform.Add Installation charges.Total cost of Drill&Platform.Total selling price of new platform and drill.140000001000000C) 150000004000000.Cash flow analysis is an important tool with the finance manager for ascertaining the changes in balance of cash in hand and cash at bank. Cash flow statement analyses the reasons for changes in balance of cash in hand or at bank between two bill period. Moreover, it shows the inflows and outflows of cash, practically, sources and applications of cash. Cash generating efficiency is a fact used while preparing the cash flow statement.

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Non-Marital Breakups Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Non-Marital Breakups - Coursework ExampleThe persons oral or written narratives explaining their experiences or actions describing characters and events and inferring the meaning and motives in the course of retelling and reviewing the love stories.Social creatures are faced with two risks, rejection and betrayal when pursuing impropriety. Rejection can spend when the hope-for relationship never develops, cut short, or fails when the other expresses dissatisfaction. Betrayal is insidious, a threat that emerges completely if intimacy succeeds-for a time. The other, having the advantage of special information, having gained our trust, turns around and turns on us, revealing our vulnerabilities, badmouthing us, teasing us. Why then do we will hand that very risky unknown our ph star number? Why do we construct to take heartbreaker angiotensin-converting enzyme more time?This involves a mental search for explanations, driven to some extents, If only and regrets. For the leaver and t he leave, the end of a relationship is traumatic and triggers a self-protective review of reasons and signs which could prevent future losses. in that respect are two types of loneliness, emotional loneliness, and affable loneliness. The emotional loneliness refers to the isolation, focused on missing ones intimate partner and losing the unique comforts of that relationship. Social loneliness is disorientation and excommunication one feels when one has lost ones place and marital status.After a breakup, the visibility and neighborly activity of ones ex-exaggerate the individuals plight. If you have been left, the presence of your ex in your social network suggests that you are easily rejectable. If you are the one who left, your ex may offer testimony to altogether who would listen to your guilt and betrayal.

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Business Administration (Research Article Critique) Lab Report

Business system (Research Article Critique) - Lab Report ExampleThe following hypothesis may be developed for the tack out studyInterview schedule has been applied as the tool for data collection for the present study. eighty seven respondents belonging to different age-groups, gender and bea were selected on the basis of quota (non-probability) sampling for the interview. After the search process, the hypothesis was upheld.Balance in life maintains imperative significance in mans life. The researches state the very fact that more healthy and satisfied the individuals be in a social set up, more will be the chances of the society and finish to grow and lead the world at large. It is therefore almost all societies of the world lay stress on the healthy and creative activities to reach out its culture a highly successful one. Though it is a fact beyond doubt that man cannot have intercourse without work, but it is also the reality that a balanced life containing professional commitment as closely as recreational activities add more and more to mans triumphs while climbing the feed of his career life.It has aptly been stated that man is a social animal all his needs and desires are fulfilled by living within a social set up and leading a gregarious life. He has to work hard from dawn to dusk in order to earn his profits on the one hand and keep the wolf from the door on the other. In the same way, he requires a balance life to make his life more and more comfortable. Modern industrialization and technical advancement has turned slow, sluggish and laggard life into very quick, fast and speedy one. Though direct for more and more technicalities and proficiencies in career life has got a significant boost and people manifestation for delicacy as well as perfection in each and every profession, against which the professionals have to make hard efforts to prove their worth in this age of perfect

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Answer the questions in Bold Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Answer the questions in Bold - Essay pillowcaseSome of the major barriers to maintaining quality care and patient safety in hospitals include the difficulty of organise multiple services for a single patient, sociocultural challenges related to accessing services, and limited insurance coverage. Any of these factors stub reduce the likelihood of providing the right care at the right time for the right person, and therefore ill-treat the quality and safety of patient experiences. A variety of strategies can be developed to address these, and other, barriers (De Vos, 2009). The integrating of services must be streamlined, and specialized information technology systems could provide the flexibility that professionals need to lodge connected as a clinical team, rather than individual providers. Sociocultural issues need to be turn to at a higher level of consideration, such as during the development of health care policies and humanity awareness strategies. Economic barriers lik e insurance availability are highly contingent on influences higher up the health care system, and may require government reform procedures to be eliminated.In the United States, hospital accreditation is conducted by independent associations like The Joint Commission. The process is based largely on patient safety, with fundamental attention given to quality care delivery. Other factors including financial and insurance considerations should be addressed as well. However, the relationship between accreditation and patient experience has been challenged (Heuer,

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Chipolte External Factor Evaluation Essay Example for Free

Chipolte External Factor Evaluation Es pleadAnalysis of the External Environment at heart the unbendable insouciant segment, there argon certain external trends and forces that Chipolte must address. Some of these trends and forces green goddess kick in themselves to being opportunistic in nature however there ar some that dissolve threaten the well-being of the restaurant. The success of a comp either ultimately depends upon how well it can drop its strengths to take proceeds of external trends. By utilizing an External Factor Evaluation Matrix (EFE) a companys headway st wandergist can analyze and determine crucial external opportunities and threats pregnant to the future of their organization. Another increment trend that the fast unconcerned exertion can capitalize on is the growing health trends among consumers. more and more people are be approaching aware of the feeds that they consume and are making strides to eat healthier. In fact, according to a recen t survey by the National Restaurant Association, 19% of all customers are actively seeking out healthful alternatives when dining out (franchisedirect.com, 2011). This is a direct result of corpulency rates constantly rising in the United States.Furthermore, several(prenominal) restaurants competing in the fast episodic field have made conscious efforts to offer rather healthy meals to their customers. Certainly, realizing that customers are seeking out healthy options when dining out will prompt the industry to enjoy much success in the coming years. A third trend is the expanding interest in, and availability of, organic food ingredients. Several restaurant custody have dedicated their mission and vision statements to seek out the finest ingredients. It is no secret that many fast food custody use cheap ingredients that even compromise the nutritional value of the food it serves. However, several fast casual chains refuse to compromise the integrity of the ingredients used i n its menu options. The use of produce that comes from sustainable practices is becoming more and more important to customers after so much fair has been shed on how animals are treated before being used for food. This has evenprompted many chains to purchase produce from locally-owned organic food producers.In fact, according to the National Restaurant Association, 70% of adults say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers locally produced food items (franchisedirect.com, 2011). The recent advances in technology have overly enabled various restaurants to offer customers a more customizable way to order food. in that location are currently applications that allow customers to order food via their smartphone. Capitalizing on an idea from pizza parlors, fast casual restaurants also allow customers to order food online and specify a particular time for pick up. As these restaurants offer its customers more ways to place an order, the demarcation can maintain a larger proneness for growth as ordering food becomes more convenient. The fast casual segment has also begun to unload into the construction of sustainable restaurant designs. Currently, there are numerous initiatives for developing LEED and other sustainable buildings. These buildings are very environmentally friendly, and offer advantages to the communities that they are erected at bottom. At the head of this curve is Chipotle, which has received the first certifications for LEED-designed restaurants (fastcasual.com, 2008). using sustainable buildings to house its restaurants is not only advantageous because it would appeal to customers, but there are also other governmental incentives in the form of tax credits and deductions (irs.gov, 2011). Thus, not only are sustainable buildings great for attracting and maintaining new customers, but it also makes great business sense in addition. Diversification of food concepts is a tremendous way to attract a wider audience with a differentia ted taste. As the fast casual segment continues to grow and prosper, the companies competing can afford to implement spinoffs much in the same way as the giants of the fast food industry have done through the years. Many of the key players inwardly the industry attract a customer with a specific taste profile. As these restaurants continue to expand and grow, they too can spinoff another flaw of restaurant with a differentiated menu. Accompanying the numerous opportunities to the segment, there are also several existing threats that must be navigated in order to remain successful. The first of these capableness threats pertains to rising food charges. The fast casual segment must especially take note of this because it already uses the highest quality ingredients which lead to higher costs.However, if food pricescontinue to rise, the industry would be forced to either arise costs or raise the prices on its menu. This is a very touchy subject as the restaurants within the segmen t cannot afford to raise prices too high without facing adverse effects to its normal business operations. The ease of entry into the market is also another threat that the organization must conflict. Although fast casual restaurants offer a distinct experience for consumers, its products are not necessarily revolutionary by any means. This leaves them somewhat vulnerable to competitors to enter the market and attack the brand especially given the low inauguration costs for restaurants. However, with adequate marketing and utmost customer satisfaction, these restaurants can maintain their customer base and mar any potential competitors. Increasingly inclement weather and the apparent increasing threat of natural disasters unceasingly remains a possible hardship. This would cause food shortages and a steep rise on the price of ingredients.This makes it absolutely necessary for organizations to diversify their distributors to different parts of the U.S. in order to prevent catastro phic shortages. This way, if a flood destroys the supply of one supplier in an area, the restaurant can use another supplier elsewhere in order to maintain adequate distribution to its restaurants. The threat of recessions also can be a harmful blight to the segments success. Economic downturns often affect most businesses in negative ways and the fast casual segment is not protected from such an event. Although it did enjoy domesticize growth and prosperity through the most recent recession, the segments growth was stunted a bit, as was the matter for a majority of industries. However, restaurants were steadfast in maintaining prices and a quality experience and customers continued to support the food segment. The threat of consumers taste preferences changing is always of concern. Although most people are creatures of habit, differentiation of taste preferences can change, leaving the restaurant vulnerable. Knowing this, it is crucial that restaurants constantly improve upon fo od quality and the dining experience.Doing so will keep the entire experience fresh and entice the customer to come back. One of the obstacles in restaurants expanding into different areas that most do not realize, is the fact that there are often difficulties in getting the necessary agreements to open new stores (Chipotle 10-k, 2011). These consist of building permits if the company islooking to build a brand new fixture for the new restaurant, to lease agreements for current buildings. Different cities have different zoning and rule codes, making the decision to rent a preexisting space a plausible alternative. However, the restaurant worry typically has a target number of what it wants to pay on a monthly basis.Often, there can be a discrepancy between what management feels is fair and what the lessor feels is fair. This can hinder the expansion rate of a restaurant until both parties come to grips on fair terms of a lease agreement. It is important that fast casual organizat ions constantly analyze opportunities and threats that are presented outside of the organization. If companies do not exploit its advantages within the market, it cannot grow at a pace that it should be. On the other hand, if it does not properly navigate and combat the external threats presented, it will surely not be in business for the long term potentiality which is often hoped. Thus, an EFE is extremely important in developing and maintaining a successful business.Works CitedDavid, Fred R. Strategic instruction Concepts A Competitive Advantage Approach. Boston Pearson, 2013. Print.

Patterns and trends in health among society Essay Example for Free

Patterns and trends in health among society EssayGenderWowork forces life expectancy is higher(prenominal) than men women typically live five eld longer than men (Stretch and Whitehouse 2012. In 2002, life expectancy at birth for females born in UK was 81 years, compared with 76 years for males. This contrasts with 49 and 45 years respectively at the turn of the last snow in 1901(Sikin, L undated). Another priming coat why women live longer could be because men tend to smoke and present more intoxicant than women in general. workforce also wee-wee more risk than women Women have less(prenominal) chance in getting cardiovascular disease, like heart attack and stroke. Women normally develop these problems usually in their 70s and 80s, ab kayoed 10 years later than men, who develop them in their 50s and 60s (Blue, L 2008). Another reason why women live longer could be because men in their late teens and 20s go through something called testosterone (Blue, L 2008). Testosteron e is when the level of hormones is high and changeable, this can create dangerous behaviors. For e.g. they may not wear seatbelts they drink alcohol and they can become aggressive. These kinds of behaviors can lead to higher death order for males.Men also take risk more than women expert claims that men take more risk, making them twice as audacious and carefree than female. However in 2011 bps state that woman often takes more risk than men. psychological Science a journal of the Association for Psychological Science has shown the reality of what type of person is given over to taking chances is more complicated than first thought. The study found that despite stereotypes, females sometimes take more risks than men and adolescents can be ascool-headed as any other demographic. (3). they have found out that men are prone to financial gambles and women often take social risks.Another reason why women life expectancy is higher because men tend to do dangerous sports such as rugby , surfing, bike racing and skiing. In 2002 statistic said that females born in the UK live up to 81 years, whereas males live up to 76 years. This contrast with 49 and 45 years respectively at the turn of the last century in 1901 (2).This is a table is from 2007-2009 about life expectancy in different parts of the UK.In the UK, males and females expect to spend more than 80 per cent of their lives in very good health or general health from birth. Falling to around 57 per cent at the age of 65 (1). In recent years males are taking care of their health more than females. However in at presents society it is believed that females health has improved more than males.Social classStatistic produced a biases picture. They believe that people in the lowest social class work in dangerous industries. This causes higher rates of unsoundness. Therefore it is not the class but age and employment of people that causes high levels of illness and lower life expectancy./http//www.statistics.gov.u k/cci/nugget.asp?id=1007EthnicityAll ethnic minorities have higher rates of still births, perinatal moralities (death at heart 1 week), and neo-natal mortality (within 1 month). Ethnicity backgrounds tend to have shorter life expectancy. Children from Asian families have higher rates of getting rickets. Only Afro-Caribbeans and Pakistanis continue to show excess mortality throughout infancy (Whitehead 1992). Afro-carribeans more likely to be admitted to mental health units, men more so than women and more likely to be sectioned. at once there they are more likely to receive harsh treatment e.g.- electro-shock therapy, anti psychotics.Age geographical locationThe black reportInternetBlue, L (2008) Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men online Available at http//www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1827162,00.htmlhttp//www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/disability-and-health-measurement/health-expectancies-at-birth-and-age-65-in-the-united-kingdom/2008-10/index.htmlSikin, L (undated) Life expect ancy online Available at http//www.agediscrimination.info/statistics/Pages/LifeExpectancy.aspxThe telegraph (2012) Men twice as likely to take risks online Available at http//www.telegraph.co.uk/science/ growth/9005552/Men-twice-as-likely-to-take-risks.html

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Predicate Devices for Medical Stent Essay Example for Free

Predicate Devices for Medical Stent EssayOstial professional person Stent location transcriptionPREDICATE DEVICES Cordis Corporation, ATWTM Marker equip Steerable Guidewire, K994358 Lake Region Manufacturing, Inc., Coronary, Peripheral and Renal Steerable Hydrophilic Guidewire, K042338 EV3 Inc., Nitrex Guidewire, K031864 BioSphere Medical, Inc., Sequitor TM Steerable Guidewire, K061171PORGES silicone polymer polymer ikon lace ureteral stentPREDICATE DEVICES PORGES ureteral stentfrom BIVONA VORTEK and BIOSOFT ureteral double circle stentsDescription of DeviceThe Ostial professional Stent stance System is a medical grade, disposable guidewire constitution.The reaping depart be using upd in coronary and renal stenting procedures. The product is provided unfertile and intended for single example.This ideal product will be compatible with 6, 7 and 8 French catheters.The PORGES silicone polymer double twine ureteral stents are supplied in kits containing the followi ng1. A double loop ureteral stent and an obturator2. A guide-wire, where applicablePredicate Devices 33. A pusher (where applicable supplied with a clamp)The ureteral stent kits are supplied sterile and for single use only.Functional ComponentsMedical grade, disposable guidewire system. The product is provided sterile and intended for single use. This finished product will be compatible with 6, 7 and 8 French catheters.A double loop ureteral stent and an obturatorA guide-wire, where applicable and,A pusher (where applicable supplied with a clamp)Principle of OperationThe Ostial Pro Stent Positioning System will be used by interventional cardiologists and interventional radiologists to ensure precise stent implantation in aorta-ostial procedures.This is a double loop ureteral stent for use in the drainage of the upper urinary tract over fistulas or ureteral obstructions (e.g. periureteral tumour cicatrisation stent management of ureteral stenosespartial magnification of the diamete r localized stenoses connected with ureteropelvic concurrence and,total enlargement of the diameter stenoses over all or part of the ureter.Predicate Devices 4Properties of Device Relevant to diagnosing/Treatment/Prevention/Cure/Mitigation of ConditionThe device is a medical grade, disposable guidewire system This finished product will be compatible with 6, 7 and 8 French catheters. The product will be used in coronary and renal stenting procedures.The catheter is manufactured entirely from silicone elastomer. The ureteral stents are do of the same yellow silicone tubing as the predicate silicone ureteral stent. They are steerable or non-steerable, and radiopaque. Renal and vesical loops whitethorn be either closed or open. The straight element may be totally or partially reinforced.The eyes are lateral and staggered and are situated each 2 cm along the entire length of the stent (exceptfor the no eye on the straight section version). The ureteral stents have either a fixed core guide-wire, a movable core guide-wire or no guide-wire,depending upon the method of use. The steerable ureteral stents have connectable pushers, and non-steerable stents have simple pushers. All these properties are relevant for its intended use as specified below.Definition of Intended UseThe Ostial Pro Stent Positioning System is intended for use in aorta-ostial procedures to introduce and position catheters, stents and other interventional devices within thecoronary and peripheral vasculature. In addition, the Ostial Pro Stent Positioning Systemis intended to facilitate the alignment of interventional devices and function as an alignment tool.Predicate Devices 5The PORGES silicone double loop ureteral stent is intended for the exact same use as the currentPORGES ureteral stent (K881744) and VORTEK and BIOSOFT ureteral double loop stents (K981591).The PORGES Silicone double loop ureteral stent is used forA. Standard versions1. Drainage of the upper urinary tract over fistulas or ureteral obstructions (e.g. periureteral tumour2. Cicatrisation stentB. Reinforced versions1. Management of ureteral stenoses2. Partial enlargement of the diameter localized stenoses connected with ureteropelvic junction3. Total enlargement of the diameter stenoses over all or part of the ureter.Comparison to Substantially combining weight DeviceThe indications for use for the predicate devices are substantially equivalent to the proposed indications for use for the Ostial Pro Stent Positioning System. The expert characteristics for the Ostial Pro Stent Positioning System are also substantially equivalent to the predicate devices. some(prenominal) differences in the technologicalcharacteristics between the devices do not rag any new issues of safety or efficacy. Thus, the Ostial Pro Stent Positioning System is substantially equivalent to the predicate devices.Predicate Devices 6Predicate Devices 6The PORGES Silicone double loop ureteral stent has similar technological and perform ance characteristics to the predicate devices. The catheter is manufactured entirely from silicone elastomer as for the predicatedevices. The ureteral stents are made of the same yellow silicone tubing as the predicate silicone ureteral stent. They are steerable or non-steerable, and radiopaque.Safety and Effectiveness SummaryThe safety of the Ostial Pro Stent Positioning System was evaluated through design verification testing, biocompatibility testing and preclinical animal testing. Thecollective results have demonstrated that the Ostial Pro Stent Positioning System is safe and is substantially equivalent to the respective predicate devices with regard to safety and efficacy. Any differences in technological characteristics between the Ostial ProStent Positioning System and the predicate devices do not raise any new issues of safety or efficacy.The PORGES Silicone double loop ureteral stent is held to the same design, manufacture, and performance specifications as the predicate de vices. Substantial equivalence of the devices with the VORTEK and BIOSOFT ureteral double loop stents (K981591) with respect to functional performance has been demonstrated in conformity with the FDA Guidance for the content of premarket notifications for ureteral stents dated February 10th, 1993. Where available, standard specifications are usedPredicate Devices 7to put up test methods. Tests are conducted in conditions similar to most unfavorable conditions of Predicate Devices 7medical/ running(a) practice.The following tests have been performed 1. Flow rate through the stent2. Elongation and tensile strength of the stent after a 18 month soaking extent in different buffer solutions3. Loop strengthThe PORGES Silicone double loop ureteral stent passes biocompatibilityt esting per IS0 10993-1. The data currently available for the silicone stents enables them to be validated for an implantation period of up to 12Predicate Devices 8months. The decision to leave the withdrawal wire in bespeak on the stent must be taken in relation to the planned implantation period. Periodic examinations via radiographic and/or cystoscopic means are recommended to evaluate stent efficiency and to observe for possible complications. The stent must be replaced if encrustation hampers drainage, if there is indication of infection in the area of the stentor in case of migration or rupture.Predicate Devices 9References510(k) Summary. 510(k) Notification K062192. 510(k) Premarket Notification. (2007). Retrieved March 23, 2008, from Ostial Solutions, LLC. http//www.fda.gov/cdrh/pdf6/K062192.pdfSection J 51O(k) Summary. PORGES Silicone double loop ureteral stent 510(k) submission. (2002). Retrieved March 23, 2008. http//

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay Essay Example for Free

The Adventures of huckabackleberry Finn Essay EssaySociety is like the bully in midsection school. It is harsh, it takes m whizy, and it tries to conform quite a little. In behavior, foreveryone needs some type of protector. A protector bed be a fri send away, a parent, an uncle, a religious figure, or even a teacher. A protector looks out for others and leads people in the right direction. In Adventures Of huckabackleberry Finn by Mark duet, Jim is the protector of huck. The lessons that huck learns through his journey aims the ref that non completely black people are what guild claims they are. Along Hucks adventure, Jim lends his focus and support to Huck, through his actions and advice, which helps mature Huck as an individual. Jims actions, specific every(prenominal)y his stopping point to share his family life-time with Huck, allow Huck to mature. Pap, Hucks father, never was quite a father figure to Huck. He frequently beats Huck and doesnt respect the fact that Huck is educated. When Huck runs away from collection plate and meets Jim, it is the firstly time in his life where he has individual actually care somewhat him.Although the both are not friends before they flee, they form a special bond throughout their adventures and Jim becomes a fatherlike figure to Huck. He is the father that Huck never had. It doesnt take long for Jim to make an move on Huck. Shortly into their journey, Huck and Jim find a washed out house that has floated down the river ult the island. When the two enter, they find the body of a man. Jim goes up to the man who has been shot in the back and says to Huck, Its a shortman. Yes,indeedy naked,too. Hes been shot in de back. I reckn hes ben dead two er three days.Come in, Huck, but doan look at his face- its too gashly. ( Twain 38) Towards the end of the legend, the subscriber finds out that the dead man inside the house was in fact Hucks dad. Jim recognized Pap in the house and he made sure that Huc k didnt gibe the naked body of his dead father. Even though Huck never had a good relationship with Pap, the sight of his fathers dead body with a bullet hole in his back is one that he does not want to see, especially since he is still a young kid. Jims end was crucial in the development of Huck in the novel.Later on their journey while on the raft Jim mentions his family and how he was separated from them. He says that the first thing he will do when he gets forfeitdom is save up enough money to buy his wife and children back from their owners. He doesnt think twice before starting the topic and his words catch Huck by surprise. Hucks conscience begins to stir, trying to lead him in the right direction. He starts to have a intercourse with his own conscience and says, Let up on me-it aint too late, yet-Ill paddle ashore at the first light and tell(Twain 67).He contemplates whether to reveal Jims true identity or not and in the end decided to let Jim have his freedom. The imp act of this decision is seen where Jim says, Huck yous de bes fren Jims ever had en yous de only fren ole Jims got now (Twain 67). He goes on to say, Dah you goes, de ole tru Huck de ony albumin gentleman dat ever kep his promise to ole Jim (Twain 67). Jim makes it clear that Huck is the first white man to ever treat him with respect. Huck knows the trust that Jim instills in him right when Jim starts the conversation.Hucks decision to not tell about Jim, shows that going against the flow of things is not a bad thing and that a person can think for himself or herself. There is no need for anyone or anything to make choices for someone else. Jims response to Hucks actions solidifies the strength of their relationship and Huck ultimately wins the battle in the midst of what he knows is right and what society thinks is right. Jims guidance and support along the journey creates a association that appears almost unbreakable.Throughout the entire novel, Huck has an internal struggle de ciding whether to follow the code of society and turn Jim in or to follow what he knows is right and to let Jim be a free man. He decides to write a letter that roots from his childhood teachings and societies belief that blacks are not tint to whites. The more I studied about this, the more my conscience went to grinding me, and the more wicked and downhearted and ornery I got to feeling (Twain 160).. He writes the letter and to his surprise he feels relieved.Huck says, I mat up good and all washed and clean of sin for the first time I had ever felt up so in my life, and I knowed I could pray now (Twain 161). Although Huck feels great right after he finishes the letter, he begins to think about what he is about to do. As he sits with the letter, he thinks about all of the experiences and memories that he and Jim have had together. He thinks of all the support, knowledge, and lessons that Jim has taught him. He thinks of all the laughs they shared, the talks they had, and the so ngs they sung.He thinks of all the positives of their relationship, but he cannot think of any negatives about Jim. He realizes that he has the power to change a life and has the ability make a difference . The proofreader knows that Jim has succeeded in his goal to make Huck anti-racist when Huck tears up the letter that he has written to Miss Watson. Right before he tears it up he says, All right then, Ill go to hell. (Twain 162) This is the one of the first scenes where the reader sees Huck make a conscience decision by himself. He weighs the positives and negatives and ultimately chooses what he believes is morally correct.Huck would rather go to hell doing what he knows is right, than to conform to society and thinned the ones that mean the most to him. Hucks ability to make a conscience decision is a sign of majority and he reached this level of majority through the guidance of his dear friend Jim. Jim is a natural father like figure throughout the whole story. Not only to H uck along their journey but to Tom at the end of the story. Jims sacrifice at the end of the novel is one of the bravest sacrifices made throughout the book. After Tom gets shot in the leg, Jim displays concern for the him.He says, No, sah-I doan stir a step outn dis place dout a doctor not if its forty year (Twain 207) Despite all of the racism and harsh tricks that Tom has played on Jim, Jim risks his life to save his friend. Not cognize that he is truly free, Jim risks his own freedom to save Toms life. This decision has a great impact on Huck. When Jim sacrifices himself knowing the extent of the situation, Huck makes a huge step in his contribution development. He learns that all men, including blacks, are equal. Throughout the novel Huck struggles with this concept.This is the first time where Huck sees Jim as an equal human being rather than just a ni****. Huck thinks to himself, I knowed he was white inside(Twain 207). This quote shows the progress that Huck has made. He has matured to someone who can think on their own and who can see the flaws in society. By thinking this, it is clear to the reader that he views whites and blacks as equal. Jim risked his freedom to save an immature, racist white boy who had treated him, not as an equal, but as an inferior, unequal black person, and that is the ultimate sacrifice that teaches Huck a valuable life lesson.Along Hucks adventure, Jim lends his guidance and support to Huck, through his actions and advice, which helps mature Huck as an individual. management is a key to success in life. One must have someone or something to show them the ropes of the world. In the case of Huckleberry Finn, shows Huck right from wrong. Each adventure contains some type of life lesson. From the first time that Jim and Huck meet up with each other, to the time where Huck writes the letter about Jim, and to the end of the novel where Tom is racist towards Jim, Jim is always there for Huck. He is Hucks protector.

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Ratio Analysis on Literature of Review Essay Example for Free

Ratio psychoanalysis on Literature of Review EssayI excessively decl argon that I film do my school sincerely and accurately even then if any mistake or error had kept in it, I request the readers to point out these errors and guide me to remove these errors in future. Presentation Incharge touch of the Candidate Practical work experience is the integral part of individual learning. An individual who is learning managerial concepts has to undergo this practical experience for being a future executive.It is the result of various factors. Primarily because of as centime cultivations of BT. cotton (Bacillus thuringnsis) and reduce the farmers input costs, while the yield as well as quality are substantially much larger compared to traditional varieties. In view of this development, the cotton cultivation acreage has been steady going up in India. The farmers have become more knowledgeable to follow scientific methods to develop high yielding long staple cotton varieties.Bes ides individual footles are also simultaneously taking steps to improve the cotton production along with Technology Mission on cotton (TCM), the cotton development research Associations of organizations (CITI), South Indian stuffs Mills Association (SIMA) and Kerala State Textile Corporation (KSTC). The resultant factor is quality and quantity of raw material supply has substantially ameliorate in the country. Due to globalization of our economy, the conscious of quality inputs and pricing have become competitive to the world-wideist standards and prices.Supply of quality raw material availability sources of raw material from major cotton trade countries. Every organization is a deliberate and planned Endeavour of people whose common goal stub be achieved through attainment of targets and goal by individual members in it. No organization muckle survive for long unless it takes care of prudent utilization of resources particularly human resources. In brief, good moving in is generally the result of good organization which can emerge only if it consists of good people who work together as a team. The framework application occupies a unique place in our country. adept of the earliest to come into existence in India, it accounts for 14 per cent of the total industrial production, contributes to nearly 30 per cent of the total exports and is the second largest employment generator after agriculture. The Indian stuff industry is nonpareil of the largest in the world with a massive raw material and textile-manufacturing base. Indian economy is largely subordinate on the textile manufacturing and trade in addition to other major industries about 27 per cent of the exchange earning are on account of export of textiles and materialing alone.In India create textile mill sector has increase from 1787 in 2003-04 to 1789 in 2004-05. During the course of study 2003-04 the production of yarn was 3051. 07 million kg and it had increased to 3220. 59 million kg i n 2004-05. The number of workers worked in textiles mills during the year 9, 18,000. India has the second-largest yarn-spinning mental ability in the world (after China), accounting for roughly 20 percent of the worlds spindle capacity. Indias spinning segment is fairly modernized approximately 35 to 40 percent of Indias spindles are less than 10 years old.During 1989-98, India was the leading buyer of spinning machinery, accounting 2003-04 was 9,28,000 and it have decreased during the year 2004-05 was for 28 per cent of world shipments. Indias production of spun yarn is accounted for almost entirely by the organized mill sector, which includes 285 large. Man-made fibers, wool and silk segment grew by modest 4. 5 per cent per annum during the 5-year period 2000-01 to 2005-06. During the beginning(a) year of quota-free global trade, production increased leaps and bounds. Textiles production increased 10 per cent over 2004.The ripening was fuelled by a 22 per cent rise in production of other textiles (including apparels). Cotton textile also posted an increase of nine percent. In the last six years, an estimated US$ 6. 7 meg has been invested in the textiles sector, aided by the Technology Up gradation Fund (TUF) scheme. The TUF scheme expires in run into next year (2007) and the quotas on China will be lifted in 2008. Hence, companies will conserve to add capacities over the next year. Also, according to CRISIL, the sector is likely to rise over US$ 3. 5 billion from the capital markets in the next few years.The cotton textile industry, one of the oldest and major consumer industries in India, has assumed national importance by virtue of size, investment, output and employment. The industry produces a wide string of fabrics to suit specific needs of consumers. Further, the cotton textile industry occupies a pre eminent place in the Indian economy by contributing a major share and to the countries industrial production and providing cloth to its millions. The industry also serves by providing direct employment to 60, 00,000 workers in several of its related activities. India is one of the largest textile producing countries in the world.The share of the industry in the export basket of India is around 20%. However, textile industry is vast developing sector and when the competitions are exorbitant especially in its design and quality we have to adopt modern technology management, machine so as to complete with other countries in the international market.

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Political Disputes In Early Nineteenth Century Essay Example for Free

Political Disputes In Early ordinal Century EssayThe North and South in the nineteenth century were different in lifestyle and morale as well as economy. The north had a booming industrial economy plot of ground in the South, cotton was king. Because of this, congress was continuously addressing controversial matters and providing answers that did not satisfy either sensation position or both. The early 1800s were full of the North and the South making many attempts at reconciliation that mediocre fell short. Among those were the bit Compromise of 1820, and the Great Compromise of 1850. Other tempestuous attempts led to the Tariff/ nullification Controversy, anti break ones backry debates in congress, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Whether it was one side or the some other, at that place was always someone to rebut and in some cases, defy the laws put in place, which eventual(prenominal)ly led to the succession of the to the sulfurern states and the accomplished Wa r. The issue of thrall became an even greater concern when the Louisiana Purchase territories were to enter the Union as states. The question was, would new territories enter the Union as slave or free states?The South cute a balance of power. They knew that if the North were to have more than free states, then(prenominal) slavery in the south could be facing extinction through congress. In an attempt to conciliate with the South, the North agreed upon the second Compromise of 1820. Through this, slavery was banned above the 36 degrees 30 minute line and molybdenum entered as a slave state, Maine a free state. For a while, it retained the balance of power. However, tempers in the south rose again later in the 1820s over high tariffs. The tariffs benefitted the north but threatened Confederate cotton exports. In 1828, the tariff was around 50%. President Jackson modified it to around 33% in 1832 only to have South Carolina nullify it in the state. It raised the question of whet her or not the federal government could legally impose protective tariffs and whether it was constitutional for a state to nullify a federal law.South Carolinaby a course of legislationcan defeat the execution of certain laws of the United States.it is utterly unfeasible Document A Henry Clay believed it impractical for South Carolina to oppose the federal law and also believed that South Carolina had no intention of leaving the Union, which depicts just how blind people were to just how great the rift really was. In 1833, the Compromise Tariff was put into place and would reduce rates to 20% by 1842. At this time, intimately people considered compromise to still be possible. As time goes on, slavery becomes as much of a moralissue as a political one. The American Anti-Slavery Society believed that the practice of slavery was against Gods teach and that those who kept slaves were man stealers. Document B Slaves should be set free and slaveholders shouldnt be compensated a dime. w e concede the Congresshas no right to interfere with any of the slave statesBut we maintain that Congress has a rightto suppress the domestic slave trade Document BAs abolitionists started to make an even greater fuss over slavery, congress was backed into a corner. To release the slaves and prevent slavery in the new territories would incite the wrath of the South, however to allow more slave states to enter the Union would anger the abolitionists. Eventually, the gag rule was put into place. All petitions, memorials, etc.to the subject of slavery or the abolition of slavery, shallbe laid on the table and that no further action whatever shall be had thereon. Document C However, each time a territory wanted to become a state, whether slavery would be permitted or not was a forefront issue starting with the lands gained from the Mexican War. The Compromise of 1850 was put into place here. atomic number 20 was admitted as a free state and New Mexico and Utah entered under popular so vereignty (the citizens would sink whether they wanted slavery or not.) From this compromise also came a stronger Fugitive Slave Law (all get away slaves were to be turned in and returned.)Northerners blatantly ignored this federal law which angered the Southerners, for when they had tried not to comply to a federal law, they had been punished. Document D The Southerners felt wronged, and rightly so. Compromise seemed less and less possible. In 1854, there were questions on whether there should be slavery in the Kansas-Nebraska territories, even though it was prohibited by the Missouri Compromise. The South was unhappy about this however because the shaky balance of power would then decisively foment to the North. The South needed more slave states. Because of this, the Missouri Compromise was then repealed. Popular sovereignty was then ruled in the territories. At the sound of that, abolitionists and pro-slavery citizens began to rush Kansas in spades.Fighting broke out so horri fically it was given the name Bleeding Kansas. During this, a new political party arose the Free-Soilers. They were against slavery and fought state constitutions such as the Lecompton Constitution. After this, slavery issues began to spin out of control. Things like the Dred Scott Decision and JohnBrowns Raid and other slave revolts kept slavery at the forefront of everyones minds. The Free-Soilers then turned into the Republicans who firmly believed in the death slavery. Compromise was now nearly impossible.The possibility of compromise was then nailed shut when a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, won the choice of 1860. North Carolina then seceded from the Union and other southern states soon followed suit. Its possible that if the South had only picked one candidate, they could have won the election. Document H But because they hadnt, the South then felt threatened. And because they felt threatened, they seceded. The reasons and events stated led to the eventual conclusion of the impossibility of compromise by 1860.

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Effective Career Management and Planning Essay Example for Free

Effective Cargoner Management and grooming EssayFor individuals life story vigilance is whiz of the important tasks which should be arranged in recite for theme to be employable, and successful in their take in and life. This essay introduces terms career management, career planning and explain how these both tasks are linked together. later it in like manner explain how to effectively manage careers. Lastly conclusion and explanation pull up stakes be give on who is responsible for managing careers, as intumesce as who should plan individuals career to improve effectiveness. There is umpteen ways to describe career management. As it is described by American Management Association it is a cycle of events that enables individuals and companies to chance on their goals (HR Focus 1999). Good management of careers would preferably put employees in most economic and competitive situation for the businesses, at the same time employees are required to understand what skil ls will religious service them to improve and develop in order to achieve rewards from work and personal life. There are two different career managements organizational and individual (De Vos, A et. all 2008).Organizational career management is devise to improve workers effectiveness, this is achieved by visualizeings what workers want and athletic supportering them in achieving the goals, at the same time selecting the employees who deserve opportunities the most, in order to motivate them. Individual career management is effort which individual puts to improve career aspiration, it is also real important that employees, while satisfying their personal goals, also satisfy the goals of the geological formation. In changing preservation of 21st century, bulk are not able to remain in only one trick for the duration of their life.As Handy (1976) said traditional careers are not compatible with new organisation structures. It is also proven by Guest and Mackenzie (2006) that t he number of the opportunities of work promotion decreased which would make it more(prenominal) difficult for the employees to move up the ladder in their organisation (Newell 2000). Due to the alterations in the organisations, and the fact that employees are not able to work for one employer for the duration of their career, puts more responsibilities for managing careers on the employees themselves in order to achieve their life ambitions. flight management in todays piece requires people to learn constantly for the duration of their career delinquent to increasing amount of technology being employ in day to day work. To be competitive in the work, employees have to be current with new technologies and skills, which will step-up their employability. Another very important skills employees have to develop are kindreds with colleagues and competitors, which will help in reflexion how the industry is changing, to be modern and competitive in the workplace.Psychological contr act is a mutual cartel of employees and employers, this obligation can include promises and expectation from both parties of the contract. Over the years Psychological contract has changed dramatically due to changes in the economy. Psychological contract no longer gives argument security, and mainly focuses on shortly term financial relationship (Atkinson, 2002). These changes put more responsibilities on employees and demand from them to be highly skilled, and marketable.Career planning is a part of career management which consist of activities which lead to achieving career goals, as well as finding their strength and weaknesses (Orpen 1994). Tasks are associated with exploring peoples interests and abilities it also should include identifying new skills people want to develop. Career planning also involves drawing action plans and making sure the plans are realistic. Planning is one of the tasks which are compulsory to remain employed and competitive in employment market.Plan ning of career must include variety of strategies carried out in order for the individual to be successful. In order to develop a career plan individual have to go through four go self assessment which helps people identify their skills and qualities, research which is design to introduce individual to job from inside, termination making requires individual to choose one of the options available, and lastly taking actions such as looking for jobs as well as keeping in touch with the people in the field (Zigelstain, T).Each of these go is design to help individual find his ideal career based on skills and attributes of individual. Research conducted by Orpen (1994) shows that the employees who plan and use different tactical manoeuvre are more successful in their careers even if the tactics do not work. The responsibility of managing and planning the careers for individuals lies between the employers and employees, mainly because employment is seen as a relationship between these two parties.It is very important that there are different tasks assign to this two parties in order for them to work effectively. Then again career management on the organization side helps empl oyee bring more successful, encourages workers to identify what they want, it also support self-development (Barnet Bradley 2007). Involvement of the organisation in career management brings trustingness to an employee which makes them feel their careers are better.Taking in the account the fact that in todays world people will frequently change jobs- as indicated by Bureau of Labour Statistics 64% of individuals change job between 5 to 14 times in their life (Loretto 2010)- responsibility of managing career is generally placed on the individuals themselves. In the conclusion it is vital to saying that the career management and planning is very important in individuals career. Tasks associated with planning and managing help people to uncover their skills and attributes which then can b e used in their career.Managing careers is broadly responsibility of employees, but in order for the employees to take the right steps in managing the career help from employers in form of various activities is needed. If the help from the organizations is not significant there will be only little progress made in managing the careers (Newell 2000). At the same time due to changes in economy and organizations themselves people have to take control in planning and managing their careers on their have in order to make career effective and gain benefits as well as ecstasy from work and personal life.Without participation in the tasks associated with planning and managing careers individuals will find it very difficult to find the precise occupation in which they will feel comfortable. Concurrently share responsibility of career management improves performance as well as increases benefit for organization and individuals. There will be help available from your employer in managing and planning career but before individual or graduates get job they should take control of their career and life.

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Utilitarianism Today Essay Example for Free

Utilitarianism Today EssayJurisprudence as we know it is an offshoot of philosophy and more precisely the philosophy that deals with interrogations of law. When unitary speaks of jurisprudence there be many theories, calculated analysis and profound philosophies which try, in each its own way, to transport the law as advantageously as us in the end. Utilitarianism is one of them. The original concept of utilitarianism is simple which is, the grea discharge contentment of the superior number, as utilitarianisms best-known advocate, Jeremy Bentham, puts it. Stopping there however would non be doing justice to his surmise. Bentham goes on to explain that, for every question whereby we judge whether an pretend is dependable or bad, the criterion to answer would be by its consequence. This consequence is interpreted in regard to the effect that particular subr turn upine would founder on gracious pleasure and pain, the two sovereign masters that govern mankind. Bentha m was a man of numbers and to him, good regime needs numbers.The importance of numbers to him is indisputable and if anything his propositions were almost of every time quantitative in nature. Going back to the pleasure and perseverance idea, Bentham proposed an elaborate and rather thorough guide to analyzing them. For this, he devised a list of pleasures including pleasures of wealth, power, skill and memories among others as well as a list of pains such as pains of regret, disap visorment, enmity and awkwardness to name a few. All in all, Bentham lists a total of fourteen pleasures and twelve pains.The value or degree by which a pleasure or a pain is to be measured posed a problem and so Bentham also devised a calculus in which he takes into grade seven factors that is, intensity, duration, certainty, propinquity, fecundity, purity and extent. bottom Stuart Mill, another prominent utilitarian, spurned Benthams view that all pleasures were to count the aforesaid(prenomin al). He argued that differing the great unwashed would vex been brought up in vary manners and as such the appreciation of certain pleasures would greatly differ from one person to another.Also, Benthams own definition at the time was to turn in the prove of service to private acts as well as humankind measures only when was limited to acts. It would only be years later that other philosophers would account a distinction between what we now call act-utilitarianism and rule-utilitarianism. Put simply, act-utilitarianism concerns itself with acts that consequently have the highest net comfort whereas rule-utilitarianism applies where an act is permitted by a general rule whereby following that rule would have the best outcome.John Austin, the well known jurisprudence philosopher, strongly believed that the test of utility should apply to rules. Today, utilitarianism keep be use in almost every aspect of our daily lives, whether it be our daily decision fashioning, public in surance by governing bodies or simple moral questions we would usually turn to religion for. As seat be seen, the test of utility does not discriminate in where its use, merely in how it is apply that is, whether to apply it upon the rule or the act.It is no surprise then that the subsequent result of two varied applications ordain genius to distinctively diverse goals. To exemplify how the utility test works and how different conclusions put up be made one shall look at the famous Iran-Contra affair and in particular Oliver northeasterlys assessment of the facts at hand and how he reaches his conclusion. In the 1980s, when asked why he had lied to recounting regarding his role in the aforementioned affair, North said, lying does not come easily to me. But we all had to weigh in the balance the difference between lies and lives.Here, the good decision according to North would have been to lie about certain facts to save others from possible harm. In his mind this was proba bly the act that would have maximised pleasure and minimised pain by the greatest extent and therefore judged it to be the best course of action. Applying the test on a rule in this case superpower have led to a different outcome. If, for example, always tell the truth was the general rule by which the test concludes to be the best consequence, it whitethorn prove to lead North to a different decision in this case.This, however, depends on which rule one wishes to follow. Had the rule been always protect lives then North may as well answer in the same manner. The difficulty here lies in which test (act or rule) to use and how to apply it. The news bite that one has chosen, entitled Government to measure peoples delight, talks about the British Governments attempt at measuring the happiness of UK citizens. The reason behind the terminate, the term reads, is to get behind the nations progress apart from the usual yardstick that is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).The article al so mentions Jo Swinson, a Liberal Democrat MP and probable utilitarian, as saying what gets measured gets done. small-arm its not governments job to coiffe people happy, regular measures of wellbeing will at least make sure it is taken into account. Statically monitoring the peoples happiness by way of a national survey can be wish wellned to Benthams plea for the foundation of a statistical-gathering society to stack up facts, as factual information about actual state of personal matters will support sane and informed decision making.It is no surprise Bentham wished to propose this as he was an advocate of official abominable statistics which he maintained would be a measure of excellent use in furnishing data for the legislator to go to work upon. Using numbers to evaluate the health of a nations citizens is not crotchety or unheard of as, stated beforehand, GDP used to be yardstick. However, in the current state of affairs Britain finds itself in, perhaps it is time to turn to a different set of numbers. Many, if not most, countries use their national statistics on GDP as the focal point for policy decisions and measurement of welf are.Despite this, Treasury minister Angela bird of Jove who has long been accustomed to analysing GDP and working in the pursuit of economic stability using such data, conceded herself that, although not completely ditching the traditional form, a happiness index would be useful for policy making. When comparing the use of the wellbeing index as impertinent to the GDP, one looks at it from a pecuniary standpoint and in particular, given regard to wealth, opportunity and welfare on questions of distri furtherion. How should it be distributed? According to need, ensuring comparability or maybe in accordance with merit?A long standing argument is that utilitarianism does not even consider these factors and on top of that shows no concern whatsoever with how it should be distributed. The utilitarian in this context wou ld look only at achieving the goal of exploit welfare with how much there is in total. For example, given two societies, A and B, with A having a highly imbalanced distribution of welfare but an overall higher total of welfare than B which happens to have exact equal distribution, the utilitarian would point to A to be regarded as the more morally preferable society.Nigel Simmonds, a noted reader in jurisprudence, states that it would be a mistake to conclude that since the distribution does not concern the utilitarian, it does not mean that the question of how wealth, resources and opportunities is ignored. The argument for that would be that a more equal allocation of wealth, opportunity and resources is desirable because it would eventually lead to maximisation of welfare and happiness. Put simply, if one gives a pound to a millionaire it would make for a miserable contribution to his overall welfare.Give that same pound to a poor man for him to use, for instance to bargain fo r a meal he would otherwise not be able to pay for, it would be a significant contribution to his welfare. Insofar as the distribution of wealth, opportunity and resources is concerned, the aim in this instance is for the utilitarian to seek the maximisation of welfare by way of equality. Using the wellbeing index in a way that could enable the government to pinpoint where certain communities are happy and unhappy can answer legislators and policy-makers take necessary steps to promote the nations state of welfare.Funds could be develop allocated towards communities that are in more need of an increase in welfare and happiness by providing facilities, education, health care and the like in the right areas While on the topic of economic welfare with regard to utilitarianism, one wishes to mention the economic analysis of law, a principle that has its roots in Benthams theory. Since the felicific calculus of the utility test is a difficult one to apply, as one cannot be certain of p eoples reaction to alternative measures, the difference here lies in making simple surmises on human behaviour.The as essenception to be adopted here is that mankind will rationally maximise his satisfactions or pleasure. Accordingly, this entire theory uses this premise to achieve, by its definition, what one wishes and what one is willing to pay for that. Payment here is not taken in the strictest sense of financial terms but can include time and effort. The theory takes on a dynamic principle that this payment is the medium by which a hypothetical market of happiness can be blend in. Between two individuals, it is easy to demonstrate how this would work.If Adam wishes to run his laundry stock all day long without closing shop, and Gary wishes for silence in the night, each would offer a monetary value for either privilege. If Adams payment is greater than Garys satisfactions are maximised by allowing him to run his overnight business. Economic analysis calls this the efficien t solution and the most obvious difference with utility is where greatest happiness of the greatest number is replaced by overall efficiency. This movement, primarily attempted in the United States, was beginning applied to specific areas in law for example anti-trust legislation and nuisance laws.Richard Posner, in his book, Economic analysis of Law, explains that he believes to have found a more systematic application of this approach which he claims can explain why many of the legal rules and institutions that exist are as they are and also indispensable implications for how the law should be improved. This however, leads one to believe that economic analysis of the law concerns itself primarily with maximising economic criteria, begging the question, is this the highest ideal one would want for society?It takes a U-turn on the very basis by which the government had wished to evaluate happiness instead of relying on GDP as a measure of public wellbeing. Even the UKs National St atistician, Jil Matheson, who will oversee the happiness measurement, said there is growing international science that to measure national well-being and progress there is a need to develop a more comprehensive view, rather than focusing solely on gross domestic product. If the Judiciary were to use this wellbeing index in reference to adjudication, would that infringe on the accomplished practice of judicial independence? angiotensin converting enzyme would point out that public opinion is a matter for which the courts do take into consideration when a case of great public interest is in question. The very notion that judges would look into these statistical analysis of numbered data seems highly implausible. The judiciary as we know it preserves the doctrine of separation of powers. This holds that the laws they would apply and uphold cannot be changed whatsoever without the proper due process of parliamentary approval.With regard to those highly denote cases, a judge today ca nnot merely change the course of the law due to social squash even if would produce the greatest net happiness. However, if a judge were to be utilitarian in nature, as one is sure there is at least a single judge of that calibre, he or she might apply a rule that outmatches the utility test which would state judge according to the greatest net happiness and as such that rule could undermine all other factors including upholding parliamentary legislation.If the same judge were to follow a rule stating always follow the letter of the law the same conclusion as if the other did not exist would apply as always following the law would pass the test as generally being the best solution to achieving the greatest happiness. One would now like to delve into the topic of rights with regard to utilitarianism in the light of the governments wellbeing index plans. homo rights has been a major concern since the atrocities of the first and second World Wars. Most nations have adopted or are a signatory or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.In order to get wind utilitarianisms concept of rights, it is best to leave alone the notion of moral rights as it is fundamentally opposed within the theory. Given the example of two conflicting interests in rights, w abhorver means one would lock would still lead to the same conclusion where one gains and the other loses. As mentioned before, utilitarianism would guide us to act in a way that would produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number and in doing so would find the best possible balance to moderate the net outcome is highest.One refers back to the disreputable London riots of mid-2011 where police had a difficult time controlling the crowds. In this instance, the police would have had in mind the rights of the law- growers and in turn led to minimal crowd control which unfortunately spilled over and caused immense collateral damage. Had the test of utility been applied, officers of the force may have com e to a conclusion that infringing a few citizens rights will save shops and business from the damage that they eventually incurred. Monmouth MP Mr Davies said that we have to make up ones mind where our priorities lie.Is it with the police in trying to maintain law and order? Or does it lie with the human rights of those who break the law? . One could say the test of utility applied here might have reason that the former would be the answer to maximising overall happiness of society that day taking into account the welfare of the shop owners and other victims of this tragedy. Or perhaps had the wellbeing index been formulated earlier and the government had helped to alleviate the pains of those who turned to rioting, none of it would have happened. That however, is a purely hypothetical analysis.With every applied theory comes the good and the bad, the success or failure to accommodate all aspects of governance and the uncertain impress it can have on society as a whole. Utilitari anism brings about a change in mindset and approach to dealing with todays final results but it does come with the risk of failing to protect the most vulnerable members of society. A report has sparked somewhat debate across the Atlantic over the issue of especial(a) education funding in Kansas, USA, where budget cuts amounting to over twenty million US dollars are being contemplated.This is no isolated incident however, as a Christian activist group points out that even with the appropriate budget, schools are ever increasing the channelling of those funds to other departments instead of the purpose it was allocated for. In this incident, Broward County in Florida used eighteen million dollars of its special education budget to save around seven hundred jobs which had no relation to special education. It is without a doubt a utilitarian process of maximising overall happiness but it did come with a cost.The losers in this case were the children in need of special education in th e first place. It is a difficult time for the economy and budget cuts are to be expected but this highlights the problem inherent within utilitarianism. If you are one of the losers to this policy, then that is the way the cookie crumbles. Unfortunately it was a segment of society that already is vulnerable. Additionally, utilitarianism can lead to injustice and breach of established human rights, that is the right against unlawful detention.Imagine a nation duped by its own government, propagandised to fear and hate and in turn direct those feelings towards a certain legislation that purportedly helps fight terrorism but instead merely gives powers to the state to detain and interrogate terror suspects without due consideration towards his or her human rights. One might think of the US and its anti terror campaign and acknowledge the fact that Guantanamo mouth is not just a movie. A government, using any means necessary, has the potential to manipulate its people into believing t hat in order to be secure and protected must pass into law some draconian legislation.If people do believe so, a nationwide survey on happiness might conclude that citizens will only be happy if their need to feel said security is fulfill and the test can succeed if the circumstances are right. If one were to disbelieve such a notion, this idea has indeed been materialised in North Korea where an entire nation is fed news and reports directly aimed to instil a variety of ideas in its people. Of course, it is largely hypothetical but at the same time utilitarianism is not a known and practiced doctrine worldwide and this uncertainty is precautionary in nature. Is utilitarianism the way to go?Has the British government taken the right steps and the right precautions in ensuring a wellbeing index will not be put to use in a negative way? Some critics of the move have instead shown a distinct unhappiness over the issue. Some are calling for the test to be used on itself as to whether i t will produce the greatest happiness if used at all. If possible, it would be a fresh undertaking for law-makers to change their mindset on ethical or moral grounds. Alan Coddington, author, spoke of replacing traditional questions of should it be done? and is that right? with what would be the totalled up sum of happiness if this is done?. A wellbeing index does indeed sound like a good idea and one that might help ease the financial instability that Britain currently faces. It could lead to never before known facts and statistics that may trigger the government into acting in the interest of the people to ensure the greatest happiness from the greatest number, in this regard, of Britons. 1 . Jeremy Bentham, A Fragment on Government, (1776) 2 . JG Riddal, Jurisprudence, (2nd edn Oxford fight 2006) 154 3 . 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