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Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga Essay -- Nervous Conditions T

Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi DangarembgaQuietly, unobtrusively and extremely fitfully, whateverthing in my mind began to assert itself, to question things, and to refuse to be brainwashed The main character, Tambudzai, in the novel Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga, is headstrong to get a white education without losing her native tongue and ways. hitherto this proves to be more difficult that she would expect and seeds that are planted in her mind by the whites begin to take shape, and greatly affect her existence. I will begin by giving an overview of the ro universece leading up to the point where Tambu heads off to begin her education at the missionary school. abutting I show how Tambu has already been brainwashed into believing that the whites educational system is better than her own. Following I will treat the influences that Tambu had to overcome in influence to refuse to be brainwashed advertize. lastly I will give exam to the insight that Tambus fabrication offers on the situation of a someone in her position. Tambu, as we shall betoken her, wants very badly to attain an education. Since her brother is the oldest and male he is tending(p) the first opportunity to attain an education. Because Tambu is a female it is thought by her family that attaining an education would non benefit her family, but some other man outside of her family, because she will marry, therefore she is not given an opportunity to be educated. Tambu fights this oppression by cultivating mealies in her grandmothers old garden, and consequently taking them to the city to be sold. While there she is told by a white woman that she should be in school, and her teacher who was with her states that Tambu would very ofttimes like an education but can not afford it. The woman gives Tambu ten pounds which pays for her education at the local village school for a long time. Her brother then dies, creating a opening for a disciple from their family at the missionary sc hool where her uncle Babamukuru is the headmaster. Since she has no more male siblings at the time it is okay for Tambu to be educated. Tambus education is now of some value since her brother is g ace, as it will help pull the family further out of poverty since a higher education will take into account her to marry well. Tambu believes that her education will help her family, although she hopes it will be free from marriage. Because of her desire... as white shade, and that some things are bad, such as African culture. However it can work both ways. Nyasha had to face being told that her culture was bad while in England so she conformed to the English culture and Nyashas father is now telling her that all her English ways are bad, both parties sought to educate Nyasha, and she did not bother to lead why. Finally I believe that Tambu would want people to know that ones will to succeed can cause them to be fitted to triumph over circumstance. In this paper the quote from Nervous Conditions, Quietly, unobtrusively and extremely fitfully, something in my mind began to assert itself, to question things, and to refuse to be brainwashed, bringing me to this time when I can set down this story has been analyzed to show how Tambudzai thought she was brainwashed. Also examined were the influences that Tambudzai had to overcome in order to refuse further brainwash. Finally we deducted what insight Tambudzai would offer to a person who was in her similar situation. Like Nyasha and Tambudzai, millions were negatively affected by colonialism not only because of the plundering, but because of the loss of their culture.

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Geico Advertising Appeals Essay

prohibited of the many hails that companies use to advertise their product or service, the consider to bring home the bacon is one of the close to commonly seen. In our highly competitive society, everybody is difficult to get before. Everybody is looking for that little advantage that will push them forward.The appeal of skill correlates with success and winning, ideas that represent the step to the forecomes of hard work on which plurality like to pride themselves. In many of their ads, Geico likes to tap into our competitive record by offering us incentives, such as saving clock and bills, which speak specifically to our consumer culture. Such a tactic proves to be legal because for the most part, consumers in our ambitious society like to be sparing and fiscally responsible. Nobody wants to spend an extra dime if they do non have to. Simultaneously, customers do not want to spend all mean solar day looking for the perfect insurance.Read more The woman I prize t he most essayThey know that clock time is a finite preference and it must be spent wisely. In order to persuade customers into buying their insurance, Geico effectively utilizes the achievement appeal because it resonates with their goals of saving time and money. In most of Geicos technicals, they argon able to address their audiences need to achieve with a simple slogan 15 minutes could ransom you 15 percent or more on your car insurance. This capacity that sells their customers on their service, however, is not seen until the end of the commercial. For most of the commercial the time is spent entertaining the audience in a joking carriage.Take for example the viral Hump Day commercial. Through come forth the ad, a camel who put up talk walks through an office building asking and bugging the workers virtually What day is it? Since he is a camel with a humped or bowleg back, the advertisers suggest that that the camel is referring to Hump Day or in other words, Wednesday. This is followed up by two men who are playing the guitar with each other. In an attempt to illustrate the point of the commercial, one of them asks the other how happy are commonwealth who switch their car insurance to Geico? which is then followed up by happier than a camel on Hump Day. Although the appeal of humor is meant to grab the precaution of the target audience, their main reason for choosing to use Geicos service is the flavour of achievement that they derive.In Jib Fowles essay Advertisings fifteen Basic Appeals he cites the need to achieve as one of the 15 strategies which enable advertisers to reach their audience. For most consumers, the market place is seen as a competitive territory where whomever comes out having spent the least amount of money is the victor. Thus, Geico effectively advertises its service by highlighting the probability to save 15 percent or more on your car insurance by switching to Geico. Not only do they illustrate the money that give the axe be saved, but also the time. Along with the 15 percent that notify be saved, Geico also mentions that this can be done in 15 minutes a relatively short amount of time. As a consequence, Geico puts their consumers in a win-win situation because the person who manages to buy something at fifty percent off is seizing an opportunity and coming out ahead of others plot they enable them to do it in an efficient modality (Fowles). Geicos use of the need to achieve appeal is characterized as the most reasonable way to solicit their service as it takes nothing aside from their customer, while it gives them everything in return they dont have anything to lose. However, humor, which Fowles labels as a stylistic feature, is most prominent in order to trigger the interest of car owners.This commercial, in particular, is known for its comedic success. The ridiculous camel has become a viral sensation as it is now considered amusing to yell out Hump Day on a Wednesday. In fact, the commer cial has everywhere 16 million views on Youtube. Ultimately, Geico does a great job of exposing its general message about achievement sense the build up to their stigmatize slogan is so appealing in itself. If 16 million people know about a camel yelling hump day, then 16 million people know about the time and money that can be saved by using Geicos insurance. Jibs appeal of achievement is one that correlates completely with our society. We constantly strive to compete and win while we admire those who reach the pentacle of their field or profession sluice if it is about something as minimal as saving money. Geico, in particular, gives people the incentive to achieve by offering people them the opportunity to save their time and money, and they respond accordingly. However, it is not the promise of getting ahead alone that attracts their target audience humor, is a fundamental component that is employ to grab and keep the customers forethought. Apparently, Geico does this bett er than anyone. What better way is there of holding a car owners attention then by having an obnoxious, talking camel yell Hump Day? That was a rhetorical question there is not a better way. Geico is ripe the best.

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Character Analysis †Les Miserables Essay

In the raw, Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, the protagonist, denim Valjean win overs throughout the course of the smart from a contemptible, assent ex-convict to an dire, favorate, and heroic piece of music. During his time in jail, Jean Valjeans heart live ons pervert he realizes the world detests him for who he is. However, a bishop named Myriel shows him great kindness and compassion for him, which transforms him forever. In a small town, Montreuil-sur-mer, Valjean restores economic and social balance as well as hunch forward and adopt an orphan girl. Because of one mans simple acts of veneration, Jean Valjean vows to commit his life to goodness and vindicates himself and proving that he has truly changed. In the beginning of the novel, Valjean emerges from prison as a laid criminal who hates society Myriel, however, forever changes Valjeans character, as Myriel compels him to become an noble person, which leads Valjean to support a town in need.Myriel treats Valjean wi th kindness, and Valjean take backs the bishop by stealing his silverware. When the bishop came to him, he said, Do not forget, ever, that you have promised him to use this silver to become an trustworthy man. Jean Valjean, who had no recollection of any such promise, stood dumbfounded. The bishop had stressed these lyric poem as he spoke them. He continued solemnly, Jean Valjean, my brother, you no longer belong to evil, but to good (73).When the police arrest Valjean, Myriel covers for him, claiming that the silverware was a gift. The authorities release Valjean and Myriel makes him promise to become an honest man. Eager to encounter his promise to his recoverer, Valjean masks his identity as Madeleine and brings the town of Montreuil-sur-mer prosperity and peace.Under a new identity, Cosette, a young orphan who was abused, is a flesh locution of Jean Valjeans honor and compassion. He realizes not only is he capable of loving someone, but passing on love to others. When Val jean muster up out the Thenardier family, who supposedly took care of Cosette, only used her as their master(prenominal) source of income since they were paid to become caretakers and abused her, it only drove to become more indulgent. Although it is not his obligation to adopt Cosette, Valjean decides to do so anyway, love came, and he again grew strong. Alas he was no less debile than Cosette. He protected her and she gave strength to him. Thanks to him, she could walk upright in life thanks to her, he could persist in virtuous deeds. He was the support of this child, and this child was his prop and staff (383). Valjeans unconditional love for his daughter changes the way he is throughout the novel. This is another way Valjean keeps his promises and repay what he had done in the past. Jean Valjeans love is understandably shown through his adopted daughter, Cosette, whom he feels sympathy and cherishes.He is exceptional in his mental strength and his willingness to discover what is good, and this earnestness is enough to make him the novels hero as well as a savior and a friend to a number of people who find themselves in danger. Though many are convinced of Jean Valjeans change in personality, Javert the chief police, discovers Valjeans criminal records and his real identity. The novels antagonist, Javert, is chasing after Valjean, only to arrest him for a fraud identity. In Javerts point of view, to owe life to a malefactor . . . to be, in filthiness of himself, on a level with a fugitive from justice . . . to blackleg society in order to be true to his own moral sense that all these absurdities . . . should accumulate on himselfthis is what prostrated him (457).Javert is unable to comprehend his enemys love for humanity. Though his goals are evident to Valjean, he risks his life to palliate Javert. This is one of Valjeans greatest conquest as the hero of the drool saving an enemy. Torn between the future and his mores, Valjean chooses to spare Javer ts life, who posterior grants Valjeans freedom from prosecution. In Victor Hugos masterful, Les Miserables, an apathetic ex-convict, Jean Valjean, slowly molds into a noble, compassionate, and heroic man under various fortune and his encounters.Though his experiences in prison hardens his heart, Valjean transform into a completely antithetical person because of one mans doing Monsieur Myriel, who shows him love and respect, despite his funky nature. As a result, Valjeans life is changed and gives others the same compassion that was condition to him. As his life drastically changes, Jean Valjean becomes the central figure of this novel and becomes the moral hero of the story.

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Coffee and Starbucks Essay

How Did Starbucks father an Icon of America Pop gardening? Coffee is a elevated frequency word in messs lives. Students give apprehension to hold books with sunshine and a cup of cocoa. Professors like to walk into their classrooms to start their graduation-class honours degree class with cups of hot chocolate tree in hand. raft usually drink drinking chocolate with their break unwavering. Most fast food breakfast meals, such as McDonalds, overwhelm a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee in the cockcrow can give deal an energetic and fresh day. Americans really do like coffee. This saying comes from a video called The History of Coffee Culture in America.Coffee ending is profound in America. Most American pile love coffee not save beca commit coffee culture is popular and simmer down, besides also beca example it tastes good. Americans already had adapted well to al down(p) coffee become a situation of their lives. When the topic comes to coffee, battalion of all measure destine of Starbucks because it is variant from other coffee stores. It has customized service, superior taste, a tolerant range of options, and quaint packaging and ideals. As time goes on, Starbucks more than and more approaches peoples lives and becomes an important part of the coffee culture in America, even in the whole world. Now, the Starbucks brand has become a part of pop culture in this 2 wang century.It uses a superior product, unique principles and attractive send offs to reap an ordinary coffee shop become finical and exceptional. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world (Starbucks). It had 10,924 stores in the United States in 2012, and the company has been expanding and growing quickly in the two years since (Starbucks social club Statistics). The first Starbucks opened in Seattle, Washington, on March 30, 1971, by triple partners who met while they were students (Starbucks).People always think the Starbucks green logotype is ling Graham holding up two striped bass, but the figure actually center obsession, addiction and death. People may not make believe that the woman in their green label with twin fishtails is a temptress from Greek mythology. She was chosen as the logo because Starbucks was looking for a marine theme to capture the spirit of Seattle (7 Horrifying). Maybe people will ask, thusly why is Starbucks called Starbucks? The name Starbucks is not picked randomly by the originator, it actually means a lot. It is nothing to do with the logo and product.Actually Starbucks is a mortals name. In a famous novel called Moby Dick, the whaler Pequod has a first-mate who loves coffee very much. His name is Starbucks. The book Pour Your Heart Into It-How Starbucks reinforced A Company One Cup at a meter is written by Howard Schultz. He is Starbucks chairman. He thought the name Starbucks reminds people of the sea adventure stories and histories about coffee merchant travel round the world to find hi gh quality coffee beans (Dori Jones Yang). The originators actually evaluate a lot from this name and this company from the beginning. 3 wang.Thefirstandalsothemostimportanttraitforasuccessfulbusinessisasuperior product. They are move to perverting and serving high-quality coffee to keep the pure taste. Starbucks coffee beans mainly come from Costa Rica and Asia. They move over strict management system to temper the quality of coffee beans and other products. That is why Starbucks can keep ingenuousness of their coffee (Starbucks). Greatvarietyisanother causal agentpeoplepreferStarbucks. Ithastonsofflavorsof coffees. They also require a secret menu, which not a lot of people know. People also can design their admit coffee in Starbucks App.Starbucks also has special coffee for all(prenominal) mollify even special events, such as pumpkin flavor drinks for Halloween. Starbucks up to now is not just a coffee maker. It actually lonesome(prenominal) makes coffee-flavored drink s, a Starbucks marketing manager said in a progress video. They are professionals at making coffee drinks, and firstly they have to lease how to make it right. Legend is one of the originators he went to Italy-the birth of coffee-to visit for a fewer months before they started the business. Starbucksalsohaveauniqueideaabouthowtosealcoffeethathascreativenew practices around the coun turn out.They uses Italian words for the cup size such as Grande for medium, not only to demonstrate that they are professional, but also to give people a pinch that it is cool and fashionable. level(p) though people do not think Grande can uprise this coffee store is professional, it will still give people a feeling that they are special. Starbucks does not give much advance publicity, and they do not have a lot of 4 wang posters, but the few posters they have are concise and specific. The main idea of the poster is to demonstrate that coffee is equal to energy.The Morning set of posters tells pe ople they need caffeine to make the day full of energy. An energetic day sounds attractive, so Starbucks use of peoples desire to have an energetic day encourages people to buy coffee. Starbucks also has another feature. They are not the same as other coffee stores, which encourage people to drink slowly and jazz the coffee. On the contrary, they make fast coffee. Starbucks has a drive-thru, which is the principle for fast food. immobile coffee attracts assorted node groups than other coffee stores.Fast coffee is more suitable for office workers, administrative workers, students, teachers, etc. who are adapting to the fast paced life. They are not poor and they do not have time to sit down and enjoy coffee in the coffee store, so Starbucks is absolutely suitable for them. These kinds of customers account for the vast majority of people. The totally different principles make Starbucks become a totally different coffee store, rest out and becoming a leader of the whole coffee ma rket. The Brobdingnagian customer base makes Starbucks become a part of the coffee culture, not a small coffee company any more.The huge customer group also gives this logo special definition, which is fashionable and cool. People have group psychology, which means people usually are interested in the activities that other people are doing. For example, if 90% of ones friends like to eat pepperoni pizza for lunch, then that person must indispensability to try it, unless he/she hates pizza. The Starbucks image is another feature. Not a lot of coffee stores write the 5 wang customers name on their cup. That is provoke and makes the customer feel special. Starbucks special management philosophy and principle make it special enough to make people talk about it and want to become a part of pop culture, too.Thereisanoldsentence,Firstimpressionsareveryimportant. Thedesignand appearance are the first impression that Starbucks gives to customers. So the attractive design is also an import ant reason why Starbucks has become a part of pop culture in this century. The first important design is the logo, which is the enchantress from the Greek mythology. It gives customers a feeling of mystery, pretty and decorative. The outstanding logo makes their products attractive. Starbucks sells their Starbucks China Cups for not a low price, but still a lot of people want to buy it.The main reason is they are pretty, and people do not think cups with a Starbucks logo are ugly. The second reason, of course, people think Starbucks is cool and popular. It is a symbol of fashion. A wide range of options and attractive design makes Starbucks products become more and more welcome. Not only the pretty logo and the products, the gift card is another highlight of attractive design. Most extended companies or stores have their own special gift card, but Starbucks has many. They have tons of different design gift cards each year, for different seasons, special festivals, birthdays, birth and graduates.Their pretty designs and special meaning made them popular. Starbucks is popular,but customershave topay forit. Starbucks justprice for coffee ruled higher than other coffee stores. A tall latte in Starbucks is $3. 00 without tax. 6 wang In McDonalds it is only $1. 99, and in Dunkin Donuts it is only $1. 69 (Yahoo Answers). Thus it can be seen that Starbucks goes far beyond the average price. If people want to enjoy high quality coffee or catch up with fashions, people have to pay more money. diverse company usually has different consumer orientation. High-level consumer group usually do not care about a few dollars. They only care about the quality and how easy and fast it is. Actually that group of people is in the minority. Most people care about a few dollars, especially people who loves coffee. Spend few more dollars on each cup of coffee is actually a huge number of money. People have to face a trade-off. Want to catch up with fashions or improve the status?Then pay more money first. NoonecandenythepopularityofStarbucks. Itusesitsspecialdesigntocatch customers eyes, such as their representative logo and their special design cups. Then they use excellent products and unique taste to keep customers coming back. Finally uses peoples group psychology and the strong principle to make themselves to became a part of popular culture, not only a coffee shop. Now, Starbucks is a trend. It is expensive, but still a lot people chase later on it.Work Cited Coffee Culture. Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 04 Sept. 2014. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. 7 wang Curtasu, Matei. Starbucks cracking Morning Good Morning Behance. Behance, 11 July 2012. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. Starbucks Company Statistics. Statistic Brain RSS. Starbucks Company Statistics, 12 Aug. 2013. Web.14 Apr. 2014. Starbucks Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 04 Sept. 2014. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. The History of Coffee Culture in America. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. N. p. , n. d. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. Why is Starbucks coffee so expensive? Coffee isnt outlay five bucks Blinkie dot org. 5 Nov. 2012. Blinkie dot org. 30 Apr. 2014 Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n. d. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. 7 Horrifying Historical Origins of Famous Corporate Logos. Cracked. com. Cracked, 16 Feb. 2012. Web. 16 Apr. 2014.

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Factors that affect the communication process Essay

There are various factors that stir the communication process. Among many of the factors some are very great and gip a very important role throughout society, cultural, ethical and soul ways of perspective and communication. Throughout life people have and/or will be faced with the challenge of playing out these roles in society. For example, there are different tillages around the world. In some culture women are to be c all overed up at all propagation and are married off to as trade for cattle or m acey to their father. Where in cultures women are free to dress and marry by there choice. These two women will experience culture shock small-arm communicating with each other. Culture is the values, attitudes and morals, someone is thought that carry over into their social lives. By taken the time to make sure we as people can cultural communication it can keep rout most of the confusing in workplace, school and just maybe the world. pagan identify also is an important factor that affects the communication process, because of what is taught cultural and/or in people homes. The ethnicity plays in how two co-workers from different and same cultures interact with one another. For example, in the United States of America during slavery most exsanguine Americans where taught and believed they were superior when communicating with African-Americans so the communication was only a one direction channel. When African-American communication between each other put up then where thru songs and marking. ethnical identify is a very touchy take all over the world and causes racial profiling among all pagan groups. The most important factor that these minority races consider are their backgrounds. Ethnical issues can arise due to terminations, promotions, and bonuses.The individual identity is also an important factor that impacts communication. An individual communicates with others depended upon their own social imagination. This can play a role in which supe rvisor is admired in the workplace and unstrained to work with you, or who is most resented. Once others realize this they accept it, and hear ways to work around with but remove themselves from the person distant of a work environment. This includes someones own personality traits and how they approve themselves.Finally the last factor to be discussed is societal identity. This references the roles others play in society. Some people may object to others actions, because they have different backgrounds. In the workplace younger works are said to be go bad at handle the rapid pace of how things metamorphose with technology in the workplace than former(a) worker. This is not a true statement barely this is the depiction of society. The roles people paly such as a supervisor. It allows us to exemplify ourselves a certain way towards our supervisors. I for one have taught and seen older coworkers take the time to learn and catch up with the pace of the change in the workpl ace.

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Savings Account

HSBC is one of the biggest financial institutions in the world. It provides banking and other financial services to its clients across the globe. Because of this, HSBC have come up with a suitable slogan stating, We atomic number 18 the worlds local bank. Furtherto a greater extent, its headquarters is placed in London but its group of global networks expands to more than 9,500 in 86 countries in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.One of HSBCs advantages over the others is that it has able to utilize technology and e-commerce to be able to recreate the comprehensive needs and wants of its diverse clients (HSBC, 2009). Moreover, owning a sept is the ultimate trance for some people. For many individuals with meager to average income, buying a house is a long and costly process. But due to the existence of banks, the fantasy of owning a house can become a reality. With HSBC, there are numerous ways on how people can save gold to buy a house.In line with this, HSBC offers the Regular Saver circular wherein customers can avail of a fixed rate ranging from 1 to10% monthly which is calculated based on the daily cleared balance and salaried on first anniversary of news report open uping. More so, this type of account prevents any partial withdrawal which can help clients to save more bills. Also, individuals can conveniently apply for this product through phone or to the nearest HSBC branch.For as low as ?250 a month, customers can open their nest egg account at HSBC and in the succeeding months they can development their deposit to gain more profit. For example, a total of ?3,000 entrust be paid into your account during the 12 month term. At 10% interest, you will earn approximately ?163 interest. The features of the account aid in facilitating a recrudesce method of increasing the money saved by the clients Through HSBCs Regular Saver account, average income earning individuals can save enough money for at least a yea r in order to correct for the deposit when buying for a house (HSBC, 2009).ReferencesHSBC. (2009). About HSBC. Retrieved March 30, 2009, from http// (2009). Regular Saver. Retrieved March 30, 2009, from http//

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Communication Case Study Essay

1. Which ramparts to minding described in Chapter 3 might perplex it difficult for severalize and Kate to hear one an differents perspectives when they invite to discuss the situation? Listening is very important in communication. This is the pigment to in effect(p) communication. Listening effectively is ones ability to richly understand and interpret messages sent by the speaker. In account and Kates situation, there atomic number 18 listening barriers that prevent and make it difficult for them to richly understand one an former(a)(a). In Kate and Marks situation, and m whatever opposite pecks situation, psychological barriers are the most common. Emotions became a doubt to listen what the speaker has to say. Just when Mark is calling her attention nearly doing the job right, Kate already started to put up her guard and defended herself.Most people, including myself, lodge anxious when we hear criticisms virtually ourselves. There are many things that are already playing inside our mind about the situation. This makes it difficult to listen to what the other speaker has to say. We range to be close-minded in situations ilk that. In addition, under the psychological barriers is the egocentrism. The book says, your own ideas are more than important or valuable that those of others. Kate mentioned the situation about her ideas being coolness down. She believes that her ideas or suggestions are not as important as the other members of the team. If we believe that our ideas and suggestions are not appreciated well like others, we tend to not listen anymore because we feel like whatever we do, it leave not be treated the same as others.On the other hand, Mark needs to carefully listen to what Kate has to say. Since he already listened to what the other members of the team said, he also needs to understand why Kate acts the bearing she is acting. I believe in Marks situation, an environmental barrier is present. I am not sure if the influence of other people is under this category. Mark became so focused about his own observations of Kates actions and what the team was saying about her. If he is only to focus on what he had observed and what other said, it will be a long problem and understanding from each one other will be also difficult for them.2. Consider the listening styles discussed in Chapter 3. Present evidence that indicates each persons styles, and then describe how this knowledge might make created a different communication progeny for Kate and Mark. Kate is a critical listener. In this particular scenario, she became exaggeratedly overreactions on Marks message. If only Mark and Kate are relational and analytical listeners, a better situation and outcome of the meeting couldve been in place. For example, if Kate is an analytical listener, she will be more implicated about fully understanding the message before making a judgment. She couldve seen the situation like Mark must have been concerned about h er and wants her to rifle better at the job. Instead of taking it in a bad way, she couldve seen the feedback as a room for improvement on her performance. On the other hand, Kate could really be an analytical listener.She might have sightly over analyzed the situation that worsens her interpretation of the information conveyed by Mark. Yet, if Kate become more professional about it, she should clarify the message she received with Mark instead of making her own conclusions and interpretations. This is one problem when we tend to sightly hear not listen. In addition, if Mark will be a relational listener, he will be nonjudgmental about what Kate was saying. He will be able to further help and understand her with the situation. He also must understand where Kate is coming from. Instead of firing her, he can offer her some support and resolve the lie withs arising within the team. The issue must not only be addressed just amongst Kate and Mark. It must be resolved together with t he whole team. This is to eliminate any other future similar issues. They all need to listen not just hear so they can properly communicate. If they are effective listeners, ideas of each members of the team will be evaluated in the same enormousness as the others.

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Popular Culture: Effects of Big Corporations on Society Essay

The field of fear plays an important lineament in the economies of various countries as well as the financial rigour of the world market. In this realm, big potentiometers flummox prominentr responsibilities in head the direction of the economy in terms of the decisions that they make and the unconscious processs that they do. Their solve is not merely e trulyplace some other smaller corporations or companies because they similarly have a great impact in the rules of order. These large corporations shanghai the friendship in numerous ways especially when it comes to the different room by which they approach their clients in marketing their products or services.However, the impact of these corporations steady needs to be analyzed especially on how they shape the confederacy at large. There atomic number 18 observ sufficient advantages and disadvantages that big corporations have over the general public that must be given due attention. It is the show of this paper to identify and discuss the role of large corporations in the society. In line with this, the part that big corporations contribute in the field of business and in sustaining the needs and wants of the public forget in addition be emphasized.Furthermore, the methods that nigh of these companies use in their business operations like commercials, advertisements, and mainstream media will also be accounted for. Lastly, the impact and effects of large corporations and the means that they use will also be assessed in terms of how it control the trends and fads in the society as well as how an individual view his or her self. great Corporations Despite the feeling of some muckle with regards to the behaviour and mode of operation of large corporations, they toiletnot deny that this institution also have a percentage in the society.These corporations are mainly responsible in the material offbeat of close to people. It is through the services and products that they render that th e public could be able to have their necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. Almost all corporate employees work daily in order to cater to the needs and wants of the people. This kind of situation is very observable in the current society wherein almost everything in the lives of most individuals involves corporate business.The corporations have its faults and failures but the fact still remains that the corporation is an efficient institution that was created by human creations for the purpose of distributing resources for individuals usage (Bishop). However, the corporations efficiency in doing its purpose comes with a cost. Some people are saying that in order for the corporation to function the society must give this institution the leeway when it comes to societal constraints so that they can pursue material ends.Having the freedom from political, moral, and honest concerns has largely benefited these corporations but these have been a source of frustration by most go vernmental and hearty organizations. Serious concerns have resulted in the leniency that corporations has such(prenominal) as pollution, environmental degradation, product disposal, natural resource depletion, worker welfare, urban decay as well as the long-term health effects from their improper mess up management. According to Bishop Rooke, these issues are indeed important and must be at one time address.However, if the corporations were not given the freedom with regards to societal constraints then this would dampen the goal of the modern industrial society. The World of market Baker regards marketing as a field of discipline and an endeavour which existed for a considerable measure of time in the world to date but remains to be something that still brings fascination and wonders to todays organizations (3). The primary goal and decoct of the efforts of marketing is to inform the people with regard to the products and services (Steinberg 1).For large corporations, this is apply in launching the products and services that they have and introducing it to their target market with the belief that the population from the said group should be enticed to buy the product that is being presented. This serves as the connection between the companies and the society wherein the former infuses several value to the latter(prenominal) through the use of different forms of media such as that of the television, the radio, the internet, the newspapers, and other print and visual forms so long as it allows them to create an image for the products.In doing so, the companies are able to make their corresponding contribution to the best-selling(predicate) culture of the society. As previously mentioned, there are certain determine that are sent with the marketing efforts of the companies. In identifying the relationship between fashionable culture and the different forms of marketing campaigns that affect it, it is important to define what customary culture mean s. McGowan and Kitson defines popular culture as entertainment that is produced by the culture industries, composed of symbolic content, mediated widely, and consumed with pleasure (138).Popular Culture and Marketing of Large Companies The relationship between popular culture and the marketing of large companies may be seen as two-fold. Popular culture serves as the sources of ideas for the marketing efforts of the large companies. Just the same, the biases that are contained within the marketing activities, such as advertising, commercials, and mainstream media, also affect and revolve back into the popular culture of the society. The latter relationship between the two serves as the focus of the next discussion. some(prenominal) forms of technological advances today has allowed the large companies to create images within their advertisements, which may or may not reflect what is real. While deception could be seen as an element of the marketing efforts and activities, people coul d not easily filter this easily. These images created by the large companies easily circulate in culture (Schroeder 7). This is because of the ease that is associated with technological advancements to reach a wider set of audience and deliver their messages with much impact.A classic example of how the media has touch the popular culture is the way the conceit of beauty is reflected and perceived by people. For example, companies such as Max agent and Ponds, large corporations which deal with products related to aesthetics, are giving much speech pattern on beauty that adheres to the standards of the white Europeans and Americans (Moreno 137). It is important to note that since these large companies caters to global consumers, they are able to affect the perceptions of people from outside the European and American countries with regard to beauty.The result is a notion created that people need to be white, tall, slim, and adopt the characteristics of people from these countries in order to become beautiful. In a sense, the advertisements and the commercials launched by the large companies have limited the images of beauty and make a limited sense of the values and characteristics that people should accept. Along with this, discrimination is matte up by those who are not able to follow the trends set by the marketing campaigns of the large companies.Likewise, the very nature of these companies, wherein they are capable of make big initiatives, are financially stable, and are able to establish their name calling and credibility, has strengthened their impact with that of the society. To a certain extent, their words are seen as something that people follow because they have created a sense of influence and are seen as leaders in the industries to which they belong. Conclusion Large companies have affected the society in several ways.First, they have made their organizations available and answerable to the different societal concerns. This is brought about by the need for them to abide by the principles of corporate social responsibility. Second, they have affected the popular culture such that their marketing efforts have led them to send messages and images that are accepted by the society. It is important for the people to filter these images. Likewise, it is necessary that a review of the ethical conducts of the companies is maintained.

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Water for Elephants Analysis

Water for Elephants Every book has the same elementary triggerman archetype a protagonist that faces a chore and rises up to save the day. My book was water for elephants and the protagonist was Jacob. He is the main genius of the book. He is meetn through two different perspectives. He is seen as the xc someaffair year old in a retirement home and as a 23 year old that makes a tone ever-changing decision. The journey starts when Jacob is days away from lineting his degree in veterinary science from Cornell University, Jacob learns that his mother and father perk up been killed in car accident.His life changes as he finds put that his parents were in dept paying his tuition bills and that the brim was going to take away his fathers practice. When Jacob realizes that he is whole alone with no home he jumps a train, not perspicacious were its going. As it turns out that it was a funfair train. And his new life begins. The chapters in the book switch through the ninety yea r old and 20 year old perspective. On the genus Circus train he meets the bask of his life Marlena, a performer in the circus. The two of them share a applaud for animals and bond over their friendship that evolves into a relationship.The main problem is that Marlena is married with Jacobss boss, awful. The two of them fight against their love in the beginning, and circumstances bring them together to the point where they cannot deny how much they penury to be together. August is a man with a split personality. He is categorized as schizophrenic. When he is in a good mood, August is generous person giving gifts to his favorite people, making them savor apprehended and adored. But when August does not feel good about himself, he is violent. He be conveys irrational and paranoid.He is alternately charming and brutal, both to the humans and animals alongside the Benzini Brothers train. He beats up Marlena throughout the book. He is also scurrilous towards the animals he trains , denying their emotions. At a point in the book when Jacob is hackneyed of the opprobrious attitude August has, he takes Walters knife and sneaks out of the invariable car. Jacob makes his way through the train to Augusts room. Jacob finds August asleep and alone. Jacob wants to kill him just cannot bring himself to do so. Jacob leaves the knife on Augusts pillow and sneaks back to his cause room.This is the moment Jake almost loses sight of who really is, but he realizes it was the handle thing and turns away from the bitterness. August eventually gets what he deserves when Queenie, the elephant at the circus that August abuses, kills him. After having an affair with Marlena, Jacob discovers that she is pregnant. The young parents wanting to the best thing for their family try to get away. Uncle Al is another important character. Uncle Al, the violent and abusive owner of the circus, is a symbol more than a character. Al represents lead astray humanity.He is only after power and money, he has no heart. He takes advantage of other peoples misfortune. He is known for redlighting circus workers having them thrown off the moving circus train in the place of the night to avoid paying them, in which he hopes that they die or are severely injured. He is an antagonist along with August. I feel kind of bad for August he is the head animal trainer and he was abusive and deserve what he got. But he did have a mental illness he was aparanoid schizophrenic, so I dont think that he should be altogether blamed for his actions.This fits into the hero archetype because Jacob is the protagonists. He faces protagonist like Uncle Al and August. He is alone at first and he is faced with spacious loss. He travels with the circus not knowing where he is headed. He offers up to August who abuses Marlena and the animals. He takes care of Jake and protects him from being redlighted when he gets sick with. He is very intelligent and this helps him throughout the book. He fa ces a quest to stand for what he believes in without losing sight of who he really is. He fights for his love and gives Marlena a home.He does the right thing by going back to Cornell to get his degree and give a better life to Marlena. He is the hero because he helps people, stands up for what he believes in and does the right thing. I wish the cyclic ending. The ninety year old Jacob finds his home, at last. He goes to see the circus thats in town and meets with the manager Charlie. He begs him to fall out the circus by selling tickets. Charlie eventually agrees and Jacob believes he has finally come home. The best years of his life even with the downturns were at the circus where he met his wife. I think this was a peaceful ending to a large book.

Rape in India

Rape in India Brittany Jones As a woman in the United States, round is the final nightmare, still to women in India its e preciseday life. Many rape victims stories only show how the law in India fail to respond adequately to crimes, peculiarly crimes involving children or women. On February 14th, trinity girls that were five, nine, and 11 were dishonor and murdered in the village of Lakhni, India. When the girls grandfather reported the girls missing to the guard nothing was done rough it. After two days, the girls were found of a sudden in an old water well.The bodies were reported as accidental finishs. nought took any notice to the girls remainders until protestors blocked a internal highway in uproar of the police inaction. When a television rawsperson from CNN arrived in the village on Thursday, the girls mother say The first day when we filed the complaint about the girls disappearing, the police didnt act on it. Had they looked for the girls, my girls would have been found. This is nothing nevertheless inadvertence. The government offered the family about one one thousand thousand rupees (currency) in compensation for their losses.After the offer the mother said No amount of money of money is going to bring my girls back. I appeal to the government to control the culprits and hang them. This suit of clothes is a prime example of the corruption and negligence of the bonnieice system and the government as a whole in India. In the Indian culture women and children are not looked upon as equals to men. This relates to tyrannical personality, the police arent handling the situations as abruptly as they would if the case were related to men rather than women or children.Theodor Adnoro cogitate that highly prepossess people have deep respect for authority and are implemental to authority figures, especially in matters of religion or sex (Adorno et al. 1950). They concluded that are more of like possessions or roundthing to own in stead of pitying beings. It was only after a mob of people shut trim down a highway that people actually graduationed to care about what happened to those elfin girls. Another example of the negligence of the Indian government is when a recent girl was brutally ang raped on a bus in Delhi, the government promised better policing and faster legal action to protect women internal their homes and outside in the public. While law overhearrs prepared to discuss a new law against sexual offense, they tried to keep the news of the recent rape and murder of three young girls on the down low. It was soon after that people took it into their own hands by rioting and blocking the depicted object highway until they were promised a proper investigation. For a rape crime, capital penalty (the death penalty) is the most extreme mea convinced(predicate) the situate takes.However, its shown that the death penalty isnt administered counterbalancely. Geography wise it can change your prison destination unspoiled by where you are when you kill person. It also can refer the punishment you receive. Another death penalty dependent would be your fond class. For instance, its very rare that someone of much wealth willing be sentenced to death. They may rather receive time with just some fines that they can easily afford anyways. Gender is another big preconception with the death penalty. Its said to be unheard of for women to be sentenced to death, permit alone actually be executed.Statistics show that women commit 9. 6% of the murders, but they make up 1. 8% of death row inmates (Sourcebook of Criminal rightness Statistics 2009). On 3 February 2013, after the public made their voices heard about the brutal rape in Delhi, the Indian Government was draw ind to extinguish an ordinance which applied the death penalty in cases of rape that leads to death or leaves the victim in a persistent vegetative state. Although the death sentence is very rarely used in India th ey do believe in the death penalty because they feel it doesnt occupy torture, humiliation, or degrading of oneself.Its usually carried out by hanging, even when upheld on appeal. In Ohio today the punishments for rape are somewhat varied than they are in India. The rape of a young child 13 and under could be served a sentence of up to life. However, unlike India the term is expected to be served rather than the convicted just being executed, or in Indias views, hung. I personally feel that rape is a very serious crime and its something that can also affect someone for the rest of their lives. Reading about India and how mildly they take rape crimes just affles me. I cant imagine what the mother of these three olive-sized girls was going through, especially with the police having no interest in the incident that her daughters were missing. Its sad to think that someone could be so stonyhearted to not care about little girls being brutally raped and murder, however Im sure had it been the police forces children it would have been a whole different story. People these days are not only bias but they tend to care only about their selves and do by the feelings of others.Im from a small club where everyone knows everyone and everyone is willing to lend a helping hand. When someone in our town were to die the entire community would come together to help, even if it was just giving their condolences. I take however that Indias culture is very different than ours and not to have in mind the situations seem much more dangerous. Even though rape crimes seem to be a very frequent crime to them, you would think the police force would take a notice and try and stop this invariant reoccurrence rather than ignore whats happening.They are finally passing bills but why did it take a huge riot of the people for them to start taking action. Making the laws is just the first step actually doing something to make them work is the hard part. They can make the laws but i n suppose for things to change theyll actually have to make it as big of a deal as it really is. Find the people, punish them, and make sure they know theyll never harm another women or child again. This phrase was very interesting to read and its interesting to see whats going on in other cultures today.I never would have imagined how lightly things like rape and murder can be handles, especially just because its children and women rather than men. Its sad to think of all the disfavour and bias going on in our world today, and even worse to think that it will probably never end. India needs to make stricter laws and force the police field to do a better job. Reference Rahman, Maseeh India three girls raped and murdered, ages 5,9, and 11. The guardian. 21 February 2013. <http//www. guardian. co. uk/world/2013/feb/21/india-violence-rape-murder-girls>

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Palm oil stalemate: who is responsible Essay

SummaryPalm anoint is a vegetation with various uses in human life (such as tooth paste, Moisturizer and biodiesel). Malaysia is one of the largest producers and exporters of palm oil.Gajah Berang oil Palm Estate is one of the largest multinational palm oil compounds whose managers offer a balance mingled with dexterity and engagementee satisfaction.The federation has multicultural employee since its scaters from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh.Melaka Palm Oil project presented one of the biggest ventures for the firm. To enhance the balance between qualification of the firms operations and employee satisfaction the participation employed Abdul Aziz as the farming manager. Abdul Aziz shared common mother tongue with pack of Malaysia thus reservation him to have a similar culture with the people of Malaysia.Hearing Abdul Aziz (Indonesian) was an value to the company sinceHis ability to control the operations of the company at bottom the portion since h e possessed the shared culture with the people of Malaysia.He heighten social responsibility by involving the people of the region to company soulfulnessal matters through hiring themAbdul Aziz utilize various leadership and communication skills to encourage employees to work effectively in the company.During the course of Abdul Aziz leadership, the workers went on strike asking for just water and tank covers. He wanted to settle the issue simply the Lee Peng who was his superior argued that this could compromise Abdul Aziz as a profession and as a result he looked for his replacement.1. Describe Malaysian cultural attributes and how they competency affect the operations of a multinational palm oil conglomerate doing business within Malaysia. Malaysia has diverse culture following different pagan groups. Some of the cultural attributes of the people include beliefs, language, politics, and religion. This attributes would affect the operation of the international palm oil po sitively or negatively depending on how it would accomplish this attributes.For Example, if the company focuses on satisfying all the cultural attributes of the people of Malaysia, then(prenominal) it will be in a good position to racket efficiency and wide market for its product. On the other hand, if the company does non satisfy the cultural attributes of the people, then it would expect low efficiency in its operations.2. What are some effective leadership and communication skills that lead to the evolution of a positive worker-manager relationship in international business? Aziz used various leadership and communication skills to enhance efficiency in the company A)He allowed the employees to take part in decision making process. This acted as a motivation to the employees thus helped to increase their productivity.B)He withal showed empathy to employees and shared much with them. He extended his gratitude to employees by auditory sense to their issues. C)He used his troubleshooting skills to solve problems within the company. D)He was open to foster proper communication with employees something that ensured clear communication of information within the company. E)He used his mother tongue language to persuade employees to love the company more and more.3. Would you describe the respective attitudes of Aziz, Krishnan, and Lee Peng as ethnocentric, polycentric, or Ptolemaic? What factors do you suspect of having influenced their respective attitudes? Aziz, Krishnan and Lee Peng can be tell to have polycentric attitude. This is because their decision to put Aziz on the Manager position was a focus to enhance openness towards the culture, opinions and ways of life to the people of Malaysia. Aziz was the briny player in ensuring that the employees of the Multinational palm oil felt comprehended and recognized through their culture. Generally, this people ensured that the independence of the culture of the people of Malaysia was esteem and appre ciated. However, the attitude of Lee Peng can be said to be ethnocentric. This is because he wanted the issue to be solved professionally without focusing on the culture of the people.4. Was Lee Peng correct in assessing Aziz s polemic actions in the work stalemate? Should a palm oil conglomerate employ someone whose main function is that of liaison between its corporate culture and the culture of its military country? If so, was Aziz the right person for the job in the detailed scenario? Lee peng was not correct in assessing Azizs controversial actions. This is because Azizs aim was to balance the companys operation efficiency with employee satisfaction. However, Lee thought that Aziz would be compromised professionally by the employees for being so close to them. To some extend this could take place but in this situation such relation was very helpful for the company.Palm Oil conglomerate should not employ a person based on the function of liaison between corporate culture a nd the culture of the host county. However, It should focus on employing someone who is multicultural. This is because culture plays an important role to people of different countries. In this case, such employment was very vital since Aziz was multicultural and could listen to the needs and demands of the people of Malaysia as compared to his collogues (counterparts). In my opinion, Aziz was the right person for the job because he was multicultural and was professionally competent (MBA and he also worked in a small palm project in Indonesia). These two factors are very vital for a company to run smoothly. With these qualities he was able to control and satisfy the employees of the company. Professionally, he could lead employees to enhance efficiency in their work. On the other hand, he could motivate the employees by listening to their problems and allowing them to contribute towards the company operations.

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Plato’s Theory of Knowledge, A Guide to Reaching Higher Grounds Essay

The forgiving companionship may be regarded as having a two parts nonp atomic number 18il that he takes hears and touches, on the other he organizes mind s on what he learns by dint of the senses. Philosophers have given long attentions to questions about the resources of experience. Some philosophers think that that the peculiar(a) thing seen, heard and touches atomic number 18 to a considerableer extent important. They remember that general ideas ar organize from the examination of the specific facts. A philosopher who feels that the comeledge is acquired in this way is called empiricist. The view of the acquaintance toilet be attained l mavensome(prenominal) with the sense of experience.According to them the squ are(a) intimacy is based on what our sight, hear smell and other senses tell us it is veryly out at that place and non what slew makes up in their heads. early(a) philosopher thinks it is more important to find a general law according to which particular facts burn down be understood or judge. This method advocates rationalist. A peeleder school pragmatism, believe that the value in use is the real test of the integrity and meaning and loyalty of an idea are tested by the practical consequences. These are some of the groups that chase about the roots of the scheme of acquaintance.When a somebody wants to be enlightened you moldiness hold out what the light in spite of appearance us is. This light go forth guide us in all(prenominal) step of our lives. It is a process on what is greater than spiritedness, what is greater in the physical things that we see. It is the moment when we perplex to know something that is greater than, which is also within ourselves. According to the Augustinian Theory of familiarity, there are two objectives to be considered. One is to appearing how knowledge of all kinds is achieved and how therefore true population maybe discovered. The second is to proffer the groundwork fo r the reform of the cultural education to ensure the proper development of the people through teaching knowledge.Inner awakening is that you follow your ego, exclusively aft(prenominal) you bring in and enlightened, we follow gods give. We as a person mustiness know and search ways to be enlightened. insight is the aim of whatsoever person. But after you get this enlightened dont fear that you will loose everything. You must enjoy things more passionate only when you know when and how and do non twist your office staff of enjoyment analogous you did ahead enlighten.The possibleness of knowledge gives us a guide on how human separate out the higher level of wisdom. It gives us the unity by one step and lucubrate on how knowledge is acquire. Plato a great philosopher considers some of the details about what is the personality of knowledge and the way it was obtained. In the traditionalistic analysis of knowledge Platos possibleness of knowledge divides into thre e approaches (1) the allegory of the hollow (2) the metaphor of the divide line (3) and the doctrines the forms.The counteract tells us that most of the people who are living in the cave, in the blueish has converted to salvation because of the knowledge that they acquire. The split up line visualizes the levels of knowledge in a more systematic way. Plato states that there are four exhibits of the knowledge development. (1) Imagining, which tells us that the looks or appearance seen as true veracity. For nonethelesst an art, which tells us that what we have seen is not inevitably what, you get. (2) Belief, Plato gives us the idea of seeing the reality does not always believe. We have the truehearted conviction of what we see but not with absolute certainty.(3) Thinking, it is believe the visible world and move into intelligible world which it stands for the power of mind. Plato wants to see all things as they very are so we muckle see that all things are interconnected. (4) The development stage of the knowledge due to thinking. The third come out is the Forms are the highest levels of reality. The forms are called ideas. These are self-sufficing existing entities whose existence and nature are graspable only by the mind, even though they are not estimate on existence so grasped in order to existA person is in then stage of immaturity, when theory of knowledge takes place he will undergo such different stages like at first he will see what is the source and problem of its immaturity understanding what is immaturity will mean a process that under go such enlightenment. After understanding and erudite the problem he will go to the next stage which is by visualizing the level of knowledge of existence immature.He can have a research or he can conduct a qouestion and answer so that he can get some assessment so that it can help a upsurge in defining the problem of being immature. For instance, what distinguishes real knowledge from mere opinio n? The real knowledge is based on the logic, the laws and the methods of reason that we use to understand the founding (Velasquez, 1999)By getting such knowledge and analyzing of what category or level he can build a new result in order of getting out of being immature.Thingking of the possible solution and ideas is the last satge of getting out of being immature.This process or step of firmness of purpose ones problem is an example of theory of knowledge which can be apply to enlightenment.In any of the different stages they are interconnected to one another so that it can create a good solution which enlightens on a person.There is a given diversify of such enlightenment. For Parmenides, Change is the astonishment of the appearance (motion) with reality (permanence) and therefore the change is simply an illusion. Reality is the basis of virtue (knowledge) where as changes produces only opinion (lack of knowledge). Although the senses tells us that the things appear to chan ge and therefore things do change, our reason can distinguish the truth from that which appear to be true. When reasons say reality must be single eternal substances, then there can be no change. (Hankinson, 1998)Platos theory of knowledge leads us down many roads, but we see the same theme through out the light to dark animal to educate reality to really real.The theory of knowledge imparts us that in every circumstances in life there is a solution. In every postal service that we have there is an appropriate answer. Having a knowledge or education gives us the true meaning of reality and real.That is when enlightenment takes place. When we have already the knowledge and reasons we know now how to handle and solve on any piazza that we have.  reason is one of important part in our life to have a sense of direction. If we can apply the the different stages of theory of knowledge and integrate it  to its process of enlightenment there is a good way that humanities can ha ve the truth , the reality, and the vegetable marrow of having a knowledge.Believing to the knowledge that we have and through by the grace we can press and survive in any situation that we have.Velasquez, Manuel Philosophy A text with readings. invigorated York Wadsworth publishing company, 1999.Hankinson, RJ. Cause and Explanation in Ancient Greek Thought.Oxford Clarendon Press, 1998. man Knowledge and Human Nature A new introduction to an Ancient parameter Oxford University Press, 1992  ISBN 0-19-875101-X ISBN 0-19-875102-8 (pbk.)http// Knowledge Of theory http// is Enlightenment ? (Quest-ce que les Lumires ?), in Rabinow (P.), d., The Foucault Reader, New York, Pantheon Books, 1984, pp. 32-50. http//

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Physical Features and Climate of Russia

Most of the population fanny be found in the northwest fightd part where the biggest cities atomic number 18 capital of the Russian Federation and SST. Petersburg. early(a) parts of Russia are slight essential with high unemployment rates and poverty. Because of its location Russian culture is influenced by Europe from atomic number 53 side and Asia from an other(a) and it creates a contour of misunderstanding between multitude who lie with In distinct regions. Russia Is rich with instinctive resources especially gas and Is able to looseness of the bowels almost a monopolistic use of goods and services exporting these resources.However whenever I travel well-nigh Russia I see t put on galore(postnominal) fly are not brought for tourists consumption and galore(postnominal) areas require improvement. Lets reappearance Aural Mountains for spokesperson a big moneyive area with well-favoured mountains that could be perfect for winter sports. scarce it is embarrassing to bring foreign tourists at that place because the quality of service makes much to be desired. The main m acey capital is center on in Moscow and SST. Petersburg so the other parts of Russia allow to suffer. 2. How did climate and bodily geographic features spur Russians imperial blowup? To adopt with, Russia had a huge rule from the 10th century.Century wrought century It was expanding its dominion In order to flap the admission to waters, warmer climate lands and gain more pictorial resources. As the climate was sooner harsh, people were conquering and gaining lands with better climate. Secondly, the ring countries and lands felt dependent on Russian resources and some of them preferred to social unite their lands with Russia. then the population was growing rapidly. 3. Why is pelt far more than an indulgence in Russia? What role did the hide trade carry in the expansion of Russia? Nowadays, Russian fur market is one of the largest in the human beings.From t he aside times lookup animals for regimen and fur has been a great contribution to Russians sparing that helped in study and country expansion. umteen another(prenominal) types of animals which fur Is valued live In the Russian forests and their number Is quite large, that allows hunting them without major disturbances of nature. Fur trade was one of the popular activities In Russia now and then. 4. How did the arrangement of the Soviet bloc lad development of the Soviet union following solid ground War II? Discuss with conceive to technical optimization, had a land trammel with Afghanistan, Hungary, Iran, China, DEEP, Mongolia, Norway,Poland, Romania, Tur bring out, Finland, Czechoslovakia and the only sea border with the U. S. A. , Sweden and Japan. The Soviet nub, along with the United States was a square empire. The Soviet Union dominated the world system of socialism, as well as was a permanent member of UN certificate Council. After the victory in the war was carr ied out de studyization of the Soviet rescue and its recovery in areas affected by the occupation. By 1950 industrial production change magnitude by 73% compared to the pre-war power point. Agriculture vulcanized more slowly, with great difficulties, mistakes and miscalculations.However in 1947 the nutrition situation has calmd, were canceled cards for food and industrial goods, a monetary reform helped to stabilize the financial situation. 5. What factors led to the breakup of the Soviet empire? The following factors played the key role for the breakup of Soviet Union International arguments between countries about the varied cultures that are under intro of Soviet Union Restrictions introduced by the government for mass media and West influence Being derriere the west empires in development the aim of life was very low, deficit of everything sparing reform failureOil prices cliff All the decisions were taken in Moscow only other parts were not satisfied with that Wars like Afghanistan and Cold war were destroying parsimony Was hard to lead such(prenominal) a big in ground country Perestroika political program of Geographer Boris Elgin brought democracy program and it became popular within a sententious period of time. 6. In 1986, what happened at coherence? Today, what policy does the Russian Federation have viewing the storage of nuclear waste? On April 26, 1986 the destruction happened of the Fourth energy unit of Coherency nuclear power plant, hat located on the territory of the Ukrainian USSR (now Ukraine).It includes the classification system of nuclear materials and the dissemination of duties who from the government is in charge of what. As any law it includes the punishments and penalties system for prisonbreak any of the published rules. 7. Discuss the environmental degradation of Lake baseborn and the Oral sea. Lake Basal in Russia and Oral Sea in Astrakhan were once the cleanliest water objects in are aware of the environm ental crisis, claim that straight off these ii objects are totally different as they were in the past times.Lets start with Basal the problem as that many programs established by government in order to pre act its cleanliness were not brought into life. consequently the problem of Basils pollution was not resolve and the level of cleanliness was rapidly dropping. Oral Sea had a sadder fate. The level of its water dropped referable to the pollution and the sea separated into two isolated reservoirs of water North and South. both(prenominal) countries were unable to take care of these natural resources which lead to degradation of environment in the mentioned areas. 8. During the Soviet era, the human population of Siberian tundra and taiga rose hardly.Currently people are deviation the area. Discuss migration in and out of Siberia with regard to natural resource development, industrialization, forced labor, war machine strategy, and free market forces In Russia there is a strong tendency of people to migrate from east to west or south, because the level of life is higher in those regions. People are setting up near the big megalopolises. It is because they are look for for better Jobs, for education, for recognition and self-development. Therefore the areas they leave become less populated and less developed.It influences the agriculture and production of goods of Russia, as many territories are left unused and the economy bases on different sources of income. The trade is on high level migrants try to take as many belongings as they can so they trade the goods they accumulate through a long period of time, animals are traded as well for food and fur. 9. Ethnic diversity in of import Asia contributed to the breakup of the Soviet Union. How have national identities been asserted in the decade since the primaeval Asian Republics became independent countries? What cultural factors serve to commix or separate the states in this region?After the bre akup of Soviet Union in 1991 many countries of primaeval Asia that separated have been placed in hard times of crisis and political and economical instabilities. As well as Russia, they were developing with the use of their own resources and skills. both(prenominal) of them were influenced by the USA in order to get some material help. The cultural factors that served to unify or separate the states are establish on cultural differences, disagreement in accepting other cultural traditions and religions. Some regions were not satisfied with the government and were exhausting to separate and establish their own ones.

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Philippine History Essay

I venerate what Jose Rizal did in helping and gaining the liberty and emancipation of our country. What he did was lofty because he fought for granting immunity in a silent yet powerful way. He did not digit and train soldiers and use swords and guns in engagement for democracy. He did the real effective simulated military operation in inspiring and educating his fellow Filipino. His belles-lettres were very powerful that had opened the eyeball of millions of Filipinos in that time. It serves as their encouragement during their very disappointing situation. Jose Rizal awakened the Filipinos hopes and dreams to have freedom and peace for every while living under the scurrilous and corrupt Spaniards. He expressed his neck to the hoi polloi through his inspiring novels, essays, articles and poems quite an than a force of aggression.Rizals broad love and sensitivity to the needs of the people especially to the misfortune nonpareils was overwhelming as evidence by his sinc ere serve to the people as doctor, engineer, teacher, artist, farmer, and the like. His impressive wisdom do a great daze to all and thats what makes him the Filipino Hero.This is moreover round of Rizals traits that prove his heroic deeds to our country. His honoring deeds has to be followed and live by everybody. His example is particular(a) and worthy to be called a Hero. I am convince that such accomplishment may seem unattainable still it starts with doing the right thing in some little ways may a big difference and impact to the society. universe a teacher was one of Rizals profession and if all teachers would have the comparable passion as of Rizal, surely a small town, city and country would likewise produce great students and/or citizens of our country.The Philippine revolution led by Andres Bonifacio was fuel by the writings of Jose Rizal, the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which made a more lasting impression. This is one of the best arguments of those who believe that Rizal is rightfully the content hero. Rizal was truly an inspiration to many Filipinos during the Spanish period. According to the historian Rafael Palma, Rizal was more be of the national hero title. Rizal was even ruling to have suggested that Antonio Luna lead the revolutionary forces since Luna has examine military science which was a lifelike idea to lessen casualties against the powerhouse Spanish militia. Rizal believed that only an army that was well on the watch and had enough arms would ensure achievement .

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Character Analysis: John Updike A&P

bath Updikes story entitled A& angstrom unitP is a tarradiddle of a reality who see to itks for his identity and pride. The bank clerk of this story is also the important part Sammy. This protagonist is a simple man a food product clerk and an observer.Because of this prank, Sammy utilize to observe his costumers and the ambiance of the A&P. However, due to one situation that occurred into the grocery store, Sammy realizes m whatever things and gives him certain actions that changed his living. Being the main purpose of the store, Sammy portrays different emotions happy, angry, sad, confused, and puzzled. That is why Sammy is a picture of transforming identity from the begin up to the polish off of the story.In terms of agreement towards Sammys character, I have seen that Updike uses different work outs and elements to evince emotions and actions coming from the main character. It is to provide conflict, climax, and resolving to the story. the precedent sympa thize with Sammys character that can be seen in the end of the story where Sammy realizes that he has no job and the worlds will non be a better place for him anymore.This part shows fellow feeling in a sense that the author makes the character realize the fact of life and did not only release the firmness of purpose of the conflict. Updike shows the justification and idea of Sammy after he quit his job, which is a form of sympathy to the character.Because the character comes from a middle class, the nomenclature is casual and straight. In the beginning of the story, we could see that Sammy is very observant with people or with his environment. When Sammy wants to express his feelings, he shows it directly without any form of pretention.From this fact, it defines the identity of Sammy as a normal character with dignity and pride. However, the track he describes things or people is dramatic in a sense that he provides accurate imagination to feel and gain his perceptions. As t he story goes by, we could able to show that Sammy starts to express his actions and words together that changed his path.Sammy is easily affected by his environment. This is the most satisfying trait that he showed throughout the story. From the beginning up to the end of the story, Sammy impartes a pattern of being affected to everything that happens in his environment. From this fact, we could jazz that Sammy is a composition of attraction, curiosity, inferiority, and distinction. All these factors restore the mind and actions of Sammy towards other people alike Quennie and Lengel.In my own observation, I can adduce that Sammys persona is dynamic because his actions and motivations ar not stable. As the story goes on, Sammys personality elevate from one factor to another. In the beginning of the story, Sammy is an observant. When he power saw Queenie in a travel suit, he started to analyze things. When Lengel enters the scene and confronts the ladies in swim suit, Samm y talks to Lengel. When Sammy thinks that Lengels actions are illogical, he quits his job. His actions had a process to establish his character not just a static formation of his identity.From all of these, I can say that Sammy is a right(a) character that can be played. He is flexible enough to adjust in different scenarios. This is what I like with his character. level(p) if he is prank, direct, and weird character, there is a concept of intelligence that lies within his persona. It shows that Sammy was not easily manipulated by his environment exactly he could think and become quick to show who he really is.Work CitedUpdike, John. A&P.

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“Paglilihi” or Pregnancy Cravings Essay

Many Filipinos, to this day, believe that what you swallow and crave for during pregnancy has a orchestrate influence on the physical attributes of the baby. However, scientific studies prove that there is no combine between paglilihi and the unborn babys physical attributes. As Genetics assure us, our physical attributes be inherited from our parents and grandparents rophy of genes and not from food cravings.Reference Lui B., cinque Health fabrications Many Filipinos Believe, (http// gravid Women, Health Aspect (http// fabrication 2 Post-labor Stomach BindingIt is a common institutionalise for Filipina women to bind their tum tightly after pregnancy, believing that this intrust helps the uterus to retract and gets the stomach dressingward into shape. However, scientific evidence suggests otherwise. Tying a c loth around ones tummy can put shove on the uterus, causing it to bleed. It can too lead to further complications, especially if youve experient a C-section. Evidence also suggests that a combination of diet and mild compute is the best way to get back into shape after pregnancy.Reference pagan dimensions of pregnancy, birth and post-natal care, Queensland Government (http// Will using a dress or tying a cloth around my stomach help it convalesce its pre-pregnancy shape?, Baby Center (http// bequeath-using-a-corset-or-tying-a-cloth-around-my-stomach-help-it-regain-its-pre-pregnancy-shape).Myth 3 Eating twin bananas whitethorn lead to twinThis myth has numerous variations, with some claiming that bananas lead to regular parallel while others insist on siamese twins, which is a serious condition wherein twins are born with part of their bodies united together. However, this myth has no scientific basis, as twin development happens purely by chance or because of your genes (for non-identical twins).Reference maternalism Myths and Facts, Huggies PH (http// 4 Usog or the Strangers Evil centerfieldUsog is an age-old Filipino superstition. The belief states that provocation (fever, bloating, nausea/vomiting) is brought to the baby by a exotic or visitor who is express to have an evil eye. A unproblematic greeting from the visitor is said to be enough to cause this curse. To counter the curse, the stranger would need to say pwera usog while bat his thumb and applying saliva while examine a cross on the babes forehead. scorn having no scientific basis or proof regarding the occurrences of usog, many a(prenominal) superstitious Filipinos believe in the practice to this date. However, this superstition escapes scientific proof.Reference Ina Atutubo, MD, Is Usog for rattling?, Smart Parenting (http/ / Usog, Wikipedia (http// the fact that many Filipino superstitions and myths lack scientific explanation, many mothers-to-be still dramatize them by the letter for two reasons the offend to be safe than sorry mentality, and go forth of respect for the elders or tradition. Some of these superstitions are harmless, but do take scanty care and always consult with your OB-gyne onwards subjecting yourself or your baby to any heal or cleansing rituals. Keeping a florid balance between forward-looking medicine and Filipino culture will ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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Ethical Treatment of Prisoners

respectable interference of Pris cardinalrs Iris J. OHalloran Soc 120 universe to object lessonistic philosophy and Social Responsibility Brett skip over April 8, 2013 Today on that point be m sick-abedions of plurality in prison house house through egress the joined States be incur of this f pretend the respectable intervention of captives is a topic that has been analyzed by galore(postnominal) an various(prenominal) on a constant basis. more(prenominal)(prenominal) or undersize modifications break been made to champion restrain inmates and try and maintain their human rectifys. morals fit in to Mosser, K (2010), is the think over of moral values of humans behavior. Ethics be excessively rules and principles that ar meant to retain the behavior of humans. fit to Mosser K, (2010) there atomic number 18 divergent theories that philosophers form come up with to inform the meaning of ethics. These theories pass water dividing lineive gete s on how to trade the electric receptacle of estimable interposition of pris atomic number 53rs. When it comes to the question rough the ethical handling of pris peerlessrs, researchers bemuse come up with some answers, only grow fiat do enough regarding the ethical discussion of prisoners or has society made their lives in prison to easy and because of this life sentence in prison is no longer a punishment for inmates?According to an condition which was create verbally in the BJpsych by Dr. Luke, Birmingham prisoners encounter numerous mal sermons musical composition in prison. Dr. Birmingham supposes that one of the major mal intercessions prisoners survive cadence in prison is the counselling their kind disorder is dealt with succession in prison. noetic disorder is more widely among people in prison that it is in the general population. There ar prisoners who quest cosmos transfer to psychiatric hospitals for treatment, but these prisoners face l ong delays.According to Birmingham doctors who plump in prisons face ethical and legal dilemmas present by prisoners with noetic complaint. A nonher issue that these inmates encounter magic spell in prison is solitary(a) parturiency. According to an early(a) word written in the Journal of the Ameri drop Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, which was written by relate Metzner and Fellner Esq, in recent long meter officials curb turned to solitary labor movement as a focal point to recognise rattling dangerous and hard to handle prisoners. M each of these prisoners who ar familyd in isolation which nominate be there for familys have perfect(a) psychogenic scrofulousness.The conditions of solitary childbed rat impart these prisoners more violent or in some instance provoke recurrence. When prisoners are placed in solitary travail the rules restrict the character and how much psychological soundness service they smoke gain. According to Metzner and Fel lner another issue is the fact that doctors who work in US prisons face really difficult ethical challenges which rice from unfortunate working conditions, loyalties to patience and employers, and the stress among reasonable aesculapian exam practice and the prison rules and culture.Doctors are confronting a current challenge in recent years, the extended solitary effort of inmates with severe moral illness this is a corrections practice that has set about prevalent even knowing the psychological price it give notice cause these inmates. Doctor Metzner and Fellner believe that solitary recoilment sack be psychological stressor, that in m some(prenominal) cases can be a clinically stressor and it can be as insalubrious as physical torture. coupled States prison officials have raised solitary confinement to a mean of punishment and to hold back difficult or dangerous prisoners.Tens of thousands of inmates throw off years locked up 23 to 24 hours a day in precise sm all cells that have solid mark doors. These prisoners live with eminent surveillance and they do not have simple affectionate inter serves, they only have three to five dollar bill hours a week of recreation unharmed in caged enclo irrefutable(predicate)s. These prisoners have little if any at all educational, vocational, or other purposeful activities. The prisoners in solitary confinement are handcuffed and a good deal shackled every time they leave their cells.According to Metzner and Fullner confinement can cause psychological damage to any prisoner, the severity of the impact depends on the individual, likewise in the duration, and conditions of the confinement. These psychological effects take on anxiety, de nipion, anger, cognitive disturbances, perceptual distortions, obsessive thoughts, paranoia, and psychosis. The disapproving effects of solitary confinement are important to a person with severe mental illness.Because of the stress and because these prisoners ar e unploughed away(p) from social contact and geezerhood without structure this can increase symptoms or provoke recurrence. Cases of suicides occur more frequentlytimes in sequestration units than anywhere else in prison. umteen of these prisoners will not start up check as long as they are kept in isolation. Psychologists often cannot shuffling less harsh the harm that is associated with isolation. Services provided in segregation units are limited.Services such as individual therapy, meeting therapy, structured educational, recreational, life skill enhancing activities and many other therapeutic options are often not available due to meager resources and also the rules that take away the prisoners to remain in their cells. According to Metzner and Fellner studies have shown that eight to 19 percent of prisoners have psychiatric disorders, this can result in a tremendous functional disabilities. Another 15 to 20 percent do require some form of psychiatric intervention while in prison.Metzner and Fellner democracy that a stick to through on punitory systems showed that 15 percent or more of their prisoners had been diagnosed with a mental illness. Many correctional wellness wield providers struggle with the lack of resources and the bouffant caseloads that can often limit the function they can provide their patients. The ethical way for these health heraldic bearing headmasters to handle these situations is to do the best they can under the peck alternatively of resigning, which would result in less services for these prisoners.According to Metzner and Fellner it is ethical for psychologist to treat inmates who have been ab employ, and that they should also take measures to end this abuse. These health professionals should not only provide services to mental ill prisoners, but they should also try and alteration the prisons system and segregation policies and if that fails these health professionals should go public. Although going publ ic with these prison issues can be difficult to do for these health professionals because of the risk of losing their jobs, they should not do this task alone. Their professional organizations should help them.These organizations should realize that prolonged segregation of prisoners with severe mental illness violates basic tenets of mental health treatment. The bars of the NCCHC pep up that mentally ill inmates be excluded from radical isolation, the placement of these prisoners into these conditions can clinically shake off their condition and it will not improve. These are only a recommendation make by NCCHC. Because very few APA and AMA physicians have experience or have acquaintance about correctional mental health anguish, they are not familiar with the contravention between general population accommodate unit and a segregation nit, therefor the recommendations cannot be made mandatory instead of optional. Metzner and Fellner state that a serious educational effort m ust be capable up so that none correctional mental health practitioners have a go against understanding of the world in which their correctional co-workers work in, and to better understand the challenges they face, including the isolation of severe mental ill patients for month at a time and sometimes years.According to Metzner and Fellner studies have shown that prisons can operate safely and they can be securely without lay prisoners that have mental illness in segregation. In some prisons mentally ill prisoners are given more time outside their cells, and they are also provided with stem therapy and other therapeutic interventions. These improved clinical responses to prisoners with mental illness have been achieved with little sacrifice to needed control of prisoners who willfully violate prison rules.Mental health organizations should experience that is unethical to keep silence about the conditions of confinement and the harm that this confinement cause inmates, and v iolates human rights. These organizations should also make sure that practitioners provide ethical services to separate prisoners with mental illness, and they should also strive to change harmful segregation policies. The organizations should also make use of their institutional authority to press for nationwide rethinking of the use of isolation.By doing this the medical loyalty to ethics and human rights would be well served. According to another article which was written in the field of study Academy of erudition, the conditions of confinement in todays prisons have the same features that were of concern to the national commission for the protection of human behavioral research about 30 years ago. barely new factors have emerged that will require rumination. These factors are the correctional population has large(p) from 1. meg to al well-nigh seven million between 1978 and 2004, because of tougher sentencing laws and the war against drugs. According to the article due t o the closing of large state mental institutions, prisons have become the new mental illness asylums. wellness care in some of these prisons is very poor. Many class actions have been put in place about the inadequate of state prisons health-care system. According to the article a high number of prisoners suffer from infectious deceases, continuing diseases, and mental illness.A three year study that was requested by congress and that was make in May 2002 by the National Commission of correctional health care revealed that thousands of prisoners are being released into communities every year with deceases that were not diagnosed and were not hard-boiled while they were in prison. According to the article while in prison white inmates were more likely than black and Hispanic inmates to receive mental health treatment. Without the demand treatment mentally ill prisoners suffer painfully symptoms and often their condition deteriorates.The article states that prisons were neer inte nded to be mentally ill facilities, yet that is one their primary persona today. Often man and woman that cannot establish to get mental illness help in their communities are swept away into criminal justice system later they apply a crime. In the United States there three times more mentally ill people in jail than in mental hospitals, inmates have mental issues that are two to quadruple times higher than members of the general public. The naked as a jaybird York Times conducted a yearlong trial of prison health services this test revealed that in many instances the medical care was inadequate and lethal.According to the National Academy of Science the New York City department of health and mental hygiene showed that at Rikers Island and at a jail in subvert Manhattan the prison health failed to earn a passing grade on 12 of 39 performance standards, these performance standards are set by the city to treasure the treatment of inmates. The prison health did not meet standa rds on practices from HIV and diabetes therapy to well timed(p) distribution of medication to properly conducting mental health evaluations.An article written in the American Bar Association, standard of treatment of prisoners, (2010) states that in February 2010, the ABA House of Delegates approved a set of ABA criminal justice standards on treatment of prisoners. The new standards supplant forward ABA criminal justice standards. normal 23-2. 5, Health Care Assessment, this standard states each prisoner should receive a comprehensive medical and mental health assessment and these should be done by a capable medical and mental health professional and it should be provided no later than 14 geezerhood after admission to a correctional facility.This medical treatment should be done streamically thereafter, and it should include mental health screening. Dental examinations should also be done by a dentist or trained personnel order by a dentist and they should be done within 90 days of admission this if the prisoners confinement exceeds one year and it should be done annually thereafter. Standard 23-2. 6 Rationales for discriminate housing, states correctional authorities should only place prisoners in segregation if it relates to discipline, security, and ongoing probe of misconduct or crime, protection from harm, medical care, or mental health care.This segregation should be for a brief time and under the least restrictive conditions practicable. When necessary due to an investigation, correctional facilities should be permitted to confine an inmate to segregation for a period of no more than 30 days. Standard 23-2. 8, Segregated housing and mental health, this standard states no inmate who is diagnosed with serious mental illness should be placed in long term segregated housing. The performance of these few standards has improved the treatment of inmates crossways the country, but there are comfort many correctional facilities that require more on ward motions.According to Mosser, K (2010) there are unalike ways in which the ethical treatment of prisoners can be dealt with. Mosser states that there are different theories that philosophers have come up with to explain ethics. Three main theories are Utilitarianism, Deontology, and Virtue ethics. There are also three different approaches to these ethics theories, Relativism, Emotivism and ethical Egoism. All of them give a different approach and a different upshot to the ethical treatment of prisoners.The Utilitarianism is the opening that one should choose to do that which produces a better outcome for the largest number of people. This theory evaluates whether an act is wright of wrongfulness in terms of the acts consequences. Mosser, (2010). Deontology states that are ones duty an obligation to threat other people with respect, human beings have self-regard and we must take that dignity into consideration when dealing with them. Deontology can lead to results that rebut common sense and the conception of right and wrong.Another theory is Virtual ethics this theory nerves at the character of the person execute the act. There are three different approaches to the theories according to Mosser, K. (2010), these are Relativism, Emotivism, and Ethical Egoism. Relativism according to Mosser is ones beliefs and values are understood in terms of ones society, culture, and ones individual values. Emotivism according to Mosser, it sees our moral evaluations as the expression of whether we respond to a given act by thirst it, or not liking it.This approach involves emotional feelings. Ethical egoism, this approach contrast with ethical theories of utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics, and most religions. Ethical egoism according to Mosser states that our moral evaluations should be made in terms of our desires and goals. after(prenominal) evaluating all of the different theories and approaches to these theories, I would have to sum with the theory o f Utilitarianism as being the best approach as how to authorise the ethical treatment of prisoners.I would also have to agree with the Deontology theory, because I strongly agree that even though prisoners have affiliated a crime they should be treated with dignity after all they are still humans. From the three approaches to the main theories, relativism, emotivism, and ethical egoism, I would say relativism would help pick the problem with a more positive outcome. Because relativism indicates that ones beliefs and values are understood in terms of ones society and culture, the majority of our society believes that if you commit a crime you should collapse for it.The theory of Utilitarianism states that the moral worth of an action should be determined by its advantage in increasing utility and decrease negative utility. The ethical treatment of prisoners has for the most part improved. Standards have been put in place to aid these issues and help the improvement of the treat ment of prisoners. For the most part the whole world has a moral codification on how people should behave themselves, and what is wrong and wright. It is a worldwide fact that to commit murder is wrong, it is wrong to steal, and to intentionally trauma another human being physically.The utilitarian theory can be used in jails to help prisoners correct their behavior, and when prisoners do not have a life sentence they can come out into society with a better look on life and not a negative one like when they number one went into prison. I know that some crimes can be direful in nature and once we have looked at those horrific crimes we can become outraged and very angry, but if we can keep an open mind and be humanitarian towards those criminals we can find some kind of ataraxis in our hearts. References Jeffrey L. Metzner. M. D and Jamie Fellner Esq.Solitary Confinement and Mental Illness in US prisons A challenge for medical ethics. www. jaapl. org/ contentedness/38/1/104. full Mark, Earthrowl, John, OGrady, and Luke Birmingham. Providing treatment to prisoners with mental disorders development of a policy. Bjp. rcpsych. org/content/182/4/299. short Standards on intervention of Prisoners. http//www. americanbar. org/publications Mosser, K. (2010). Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility. San Diego, CA Bridge point Education, Inc. Banks, C. (2004) Criminal umpire ethics theory and practice. SAGE